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Examine the existence and scope of the legal Framework

Examine the existence and scope of the legal framework governing disaster management in Kenya The Draft National Policy for Disaster Management 2009 hereinafter referred to as the Draft Policy defines a disaster as a serious disruption of the functioning of a community or society causing widespread human material economic or environmental loses which exceed the ability of the affected community society to cope using its own resources The UN defines a disaster as an event or series of events which give rise to casualties and or damage or loss of property infrastructure essential services or means of livelihood on a scale that is beyond the normal capacity of the affected communities to cope with unaided According to the Draft Policy Kenya is prone to the following categories of hazards 1 Environmentally triggered Climate related such as droughts floods storms landslides 

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List of countries under the regions Covered

List of countries under the regions covered 1 Sub Saharan African countries Liberia Mauritius Mozambique Nigeria South Africa Sudan Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe 2 South Asian countries Afghanistan Bangladesh Bhutan India Maldives Nepal Sri Lanka 3 North American and European countries Mexico Jamaica United States of America USA Bahamas France Germany Greece United Kingdom Ireland Objectives of research 1 To investigate and present how minimum proficiency levels MPLs among children are essential for their access to quality education 2 To propose the critical need to improve the quality of education Research Methodology Secondary Data Various international journals fact sheets government websites not for profit organizational resources books and magazines have been referred for collection and analysis of secondary data Data Analysis and Interpretation Source UNESCO Institute for Statistics Interpretation Sub Saharan Africa is the region with the lowest rate of MPLs for adolescents 89 followed by Southern Asia 80 Across the region 81 of children and adolescents 241 million will not meet minimum proficiency levels in reading by the time they are of age to complete primary and lower secondary education 

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