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Target US and China vine consumers and potential vine Consumers

Target US and China vine consumers and potential vine consumers 1 The target in China Target 18 24 vine consumers or potential consumers lower income 25 45 vine consumers or potential consumers middle to high income The characteristic of the Chinese target Based on the research done by the marketing investigation and consulting company for global vine industry Wine Intelligence in 2015 following is the segmentation of the current Chinese vine consumers Its segmentation is based on the consuming activity and their opinion of vine Consumer type Characteristics Proportion Frugal occasional Drink vine in special occasion such as spring festival Price is the most important factor when buying vine 15 Adventurous connoisseurs High consuming high frequency of drinking vine Be confident of their knowledge of vine and be willing to drink vine from different location from different types of grapes and brand 7 Health sippers Be sensitive to the price Limited knowledge of vine Drink vine occasionally because of considering the benefit of vine to the body 16 Prestige seeking traditionalists Conservative consumers which expending much money on vine They like especially French vine Choose imported high quality vine to show their prestige and social status 19 Social newbies Young consumers Just contact and understand the vine Regard the vine as interesting drinks suitable in social contact occasion 23 Developing drinkers Cultivating the vine drinking habit because of liking the taste of the vine 

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