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Motivating Employees

How can Motivation be defined and which factors relate to motivation Motivation is psychological processes that stimulate and direct goal directed behavior which it can be classified in 2 factor personal factors and contextual factors Personal factors personality ability core self evaluations emotions attitudes needs values work attitudes Contextual factors organization culture cross cultural values physical environment reward and reinforcement group norms communication technology leader behavior organizational design organizational climate job design 6 2 What is the difference between Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards Extrinsic rewards is the payoff from others like money bonus but intrinsic rewards is the satisfaction in performing by itself like feeling of success satisfy in your work 6 3 What are the 4 major perspectives on motivation Describe each briefly and on what points the overlap 1 Content perspectives related to theories that emphasize the needs that motivate people which include 4 theories Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory McClelland's acquired needs theory Deci and Ryan's self determination theory Herzberg's two factor theory 2 Process perspectives related to the thought processes by which people decide how to act which it has 3 type equality theory expectancy theory and goal setting theory 3 Job design is the division of an organization's work among its employees and the application of motivational theories to jobs to increase satisfaction and performance which it can be classified 2 type one tradition fitting people to jobs one modern fitting jobs to people 

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