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Once upon a time there was a king named Alice he was very powerful and used to rule over the whole village The king and his family lived in a huge ancient and enchanting palace through which the whole village could be seen In the basement of his palace he locked up the prisoners Amongst all those prisoners Abu was the most wicked and malicious one who was recently jailed because of robbing a small shop in the village How dare they keep Abu in jail Let's see how long they put me in prison the day I come out I will show them who I am said Abu in exasperation Abu bribed one of the guards in the prison who helped him escape from there Here's the money now open the lock and let me go said Abu while handing out money to the guard Alice lived in his palace with his 7 year old beloved daughter His love for his daughter was immense My beautiful princess is finally asleep said the king taking a sigh of relief He switched off the lamp gave his daughter a goodnight kiss and headed out of the room Little did know that the evil has turned its face towards his house On the other hand Abu was bristling with rage and was thinking of the ways through which he could take revenge from the king No prison can hold me for too long 

Now it's my turn to take revenge on the king said Abu It was a dark quiet night when everyone was sleeping Abu and his men made their way towards the palace they covered up themselves in black cloaks Luckily they escaped from the eyes of the guards threw the rope on the window and climbed up the princess's room The next morning servants found the princess missing and immediately reported to the king When the king heard the news he ran into anxiety and his body got tensed up Oh my sweet little daughter where are you the king sighed tears falling through his eyes The king without waiting for another second ordered his servants to announce to the villagers that whoever brings the princess back home will be rewarded with gold and jewels When the greedy villagers got to know about this they put all their efforts in order to find the princess Aladdin was a young boy who was best known for his loyalty faithfulness and bravery because of this the king gave him a title of Bahadur The brave Aladdin was coming back from the city when on his way he met the servants Aladdin king Alice wants to see you right now princess Anna has been missing since last night said the servant Aladdin was shook and he instantly made his way towards the king's palace 

The king told him that he is pretty sure that Abu kidnapped the Princess Anna in order to take revenge as he's been missing since last night too Don't you worry my majesty now it's my duty to find the princess I won't be back until I find princess Anna said Aladdin and made his way out of the palace Aladdin was a clever boy as his father was a farmer and also a trader Aladdin knew of most of the places across the forest in the village where most of the villagers don t go because of the danger from the wild animals Aladdin along with his friends made his way towards the forest If we all keep looking for Abu together in a group it would take us a lot of time to find him we should separate ourselves said Aladdin to his friends They all separated their ways After strolling through the forest Aladdin saw a huge pit I'm pretty sure Abu and his men are hiding here and they have kept princess Anna in here said Aladdin to himself He ran in there the pit was very deep and it had 3 pathways Aladdin chose to go into the second one He searched and searched and searched but couldn't find anyone After all he made his way to the third path way He went deep into the pit and saw princess Anna tied up against the chair and Abu lying in front of her asleep Without making any noise he proceeded towards the princess and untied her They both tiptoed around the pit Hey stop right there You think you can escape from here Ha Ha Ha Never Laughed Abu holding onto his knife Aladdin pushed the princess behind him shielding her He took out his arrow and threw it on Abu It hit Abu s shoulder and he fell down meanwhile he lay there Aladdin and Anna ran out of the pit Finally Aladdin brought the princess back home as promised The king was in the seventh heaven As a reward the king gave Aladdin a sword made up of gold and appreciated his efforts in front of the whole village

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