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One must determine what the key requirements for cybersecurity are the organization may benefit from using a cyber attack simulator The cyber attack simulators are key indicators Companies tend to use a military simulation of operative fields These simulations are designed to illustrate how a cyber attack could affect their organization One example would be to use ARENA SECUSIM or OPNET Modeler companies can use any of these software programs to simulate a cyber attack on the workstation This allows the organization to demonstrate and evaluate step by step There are 2 ways an organization can run a simulation one is to run it spontaneously so they can see how the system responds in real time or they can establish when and where the outbreak will occur in the system and follow it With simulators companies can simulate many different types of assaults attacks Many of the simulations are geared towards gaining access to the PC which includes attacking other PCs on the same network or server These simulations can also recreate the entire network and perform attacks using multi tiered layers of routers and system hardware The private and public sectors have different viewpoints when it comes to cybersecurity 

It doesn't matter the size of the company in the private sector big or small they are usually not prepared for a cyber attack and they tend to rely on outdated and inadequate security programs These companies rather invest their time and energy in the cleanup process basically they are reactive instead of proactive Because they lack the understanding about the effects a cybersecurity attack many of these companies fail to realize the danger they are putting on the company and the consumers in The public sector is normally proactive They will plan in advance for any type of cyber security attack Most of these companies will invest more in preplanning to reduce their level of vulnerability against attacks The public sector uses CISP a joint industry and government initiative set up to exchange cyber threat information in real time in a secure confidential and dynamic environment increasing situational awareness and reducing the impact on business Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership CiSP 2016 this makes it a lot easier for organizations to plan and recover from any possible attacks There are four key areas companies need to focus on when it comes to developing and implementing a cybersecurity program It is imperative that the organization understands what cybersecurity threat is and how they relate to the company Some companies tend to focus on attacks that do not relate to their organizations

These companies should allow employees to report technical and physical security concerns including information reassurances They should also incorporate methods through which employees are able to report on technical and physical safety as well as the information reassurances Employees should always be observant because this will decrease the company's chances of being affected by insider threats Once the organization realizes and accept the fact that security breaches and attacks are unavoidable and outbreak are likely to occur with this knowledge companies are able to prepare the best defense to minimize the effects The following personnel are in charge of maintaining the highest level of security when they develop implement and establish a strategy the key personnel of the network overseer are network administrator and engineer They are also in charge of procuring preserving and installing of all hardware and software They are In addition to those responsible for fixing network related issues handling consumer accounts and backing up all the important data The planning stage is the most important section of implementing an effective cybersecurity program Planning helps determines efficiency of the strategy and dealing with potential changes that may occur The primary objective within the planning stage is to provide the appropriate information so that the IT personnel can identify key reference points and develop strategies based on their findings Towards the end of the planning phase personnel will complete and submit a timetable it will be forwarded senior management To ensure they have an efficient cybersecurity plan in place the organization must have a well thought out worst case cyber attack scenario in place the event of a cyber attack a detailed overall cybersecurity strategy and a plan to resolve and prevent future attacks and problems In order to have a successful cybersecurity strategies the public and private sectors must come together share and compare their information 

The Nation s tend to rely on a secure and resilient critical infrastructure The corporate environment is protected by the National Infrastructure Protection Plan NIPP outlines how government and private sector participants in the critical infrastructure community work together to manage risks and achieve security and resilience outcomes National Infrastructure Protection Plan 2017 There is also NIST National Institution of Technology and Standards is a non regulatory federal agency within the U S Department of Commerce NIST s mission is to promote U S innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science standards and technology in ways that enhance economic security and improve our quality of life NIST 2017 NIST also implements the most updated security regulations which is used to evaluate and remediate all vulnerabilities This allows any organization to become proactive Then there is DHS Department of Homeland Security which regulates NIPP through the Council of Governments COG all as known as regional council They focus on the strengthening security On a national level cybersecurity manages corporate ventures by maintaining a basic framework which will elevate the level of security This will increase security for all organizations

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