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One year Seven murders One giant mystery Reed 2017 Aileen Wuornos is remembered as one of the first female serial killers captured in the United States Aileen Wuornos originally named Aileen Carol Pittman was born on February 29th 1956 in Rochester Michigan She was the daughter of Leo Dale Pittman who was incarcerated at the time of her birth from a sentence for committing sexual crimes against children and molestation later taking his own life in prison Reed 2017 Aileen and her brother Keith were adopted by their maternal grandparents Lauri Wuornos and Britta Wuornos due to their mother Diane Wuornos abandoning them Reed 2017 Convicted in 1991 she demonstrated biological factors from her father who was a criminal psychopath developmental factors due to her abusive upbringing environment as a child along with mental disorders including conduct disorder antisocial and borderline personality disorders Aileen grew up in a harsh and abusive environment by her grandfather who was an alcoholic that had physically and sexually abused her 

She never got the chance to recover from beatings because she was often beaten on consecutive days Aileen learned to trade sex first experienced with her brother along with sexual acts for cigarettes drugs loose change and food At age 13 she was pregnant as the result of rape by a family friend and was later sent to a home for unwed mothers where she delivered her son and gave him up for adoption In this time of her life she began reckless behavior including underage drinking crudeness theft and instigating fights Reed 2017 At age 15 Wuornos was kicked out of the house and started hitchhiking and participated in prostitution for four years before being arrested and imprisoned by the police for not showing up in a court hearing Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos Applying Sociology Theories to Crime and Behavior 2017 Aileen was released from jail and hitchhiked to Florida where she married Lewis Gratz Fell a wealthy 69 years old Yacht Club President They were only married for 9 weeks before she assaulted him when he refused to give her money After she was divorced she became a highway prostitute and had interactions with a homosexual partner Tyria Moore During 1989 1990 she killed seven men across the state of Florida She was later captured and executed in the year 2002 by lethal injection Reed 2017 Wuornos s victims were all men many of whom were truck drivers which she claimed were attempting to rape her therefore she pleaded these cases were all due to self defense 

All of the victims were murdered point blank with multiple shots primarily to the head resulting in a quick death Most of these men were found naked or partially clothed decomposing in remote and wooded areas Before any sexual activity emerged she would often murder the men that she targeted The serial killings all demonstrated similar findings aside from only one of the men having a history with the conviction of rape During Aileen s trial she finally admitted to the killings of the seven men and was sentenced to death Reed 2017 As mentioned earlier Aileen s biological father was a criminal insane person and along these lines there is a probability that she had acquired a portion of the psychopathic qualities from her father For example absence of regret and compassion a poor behavioral control which can assume an indirect role in making her carry out wrongdoings such as murder Aileen grew up with an absence of adoration and fondness making her search for affection in ways that influenced her to look like a social outsider In entirety by taking a gander at the instance of Aileen Wuornos from a natural viewpoint it is conceivable that biological factors like genetic predisposed and neurological brokenness may have added to her criminal conduct and behavior Psychology Student on WordPress com Aileen s youth delinquencies and violent behaviors were likely contributed to her dysfunctional childhood The damaging childhood condition the careless child parenting and the insecure attachment between Aileen and her parents and family Bartol and Bartol 2017 p 45 The utilization of improper child parenting could have encouraged the advancement of antisocial behavior during her adolescence particularly since she showed signs of aggression As expressed by Bartol and Bartol studies had shown that children who are frequently rejected by peers are in danger of developing antisocial and delinquent behavior Bartol and Bartol 2017 p 33 34 This statement was completely exhibited by Aileen as she was engaged in theft aggression towards peers and drug abuse

There is a hazard that the mentioned developmental factors may have played a direct and or potentially indirect role that caused her to engage with every one of the violations that she had conferred Psychology Student on WordPress com From the look of Aileen s initial life a portion of the behaviors that were shown by her during adolescence fit the criteria for conduct disorder as she frequently got into fights with her companions stole from her loved ones which also fits the criteria of aggression towards individuals and animals along with destruction of property and deceitfulness Aileen was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder and borderline personality disorder She neglected to fit in with social standards with respect to lawful behaviors impulsivity and inability to prepare irritability and aggression and absence of regret Aileen likewise fit the criteria for border personality disorder as she had intermittent self destructive conduct inappropriate and intense anger and unsteady relationships Reed 2017 Aileen Wuornos struggled with her developmental and biological factors which contributed to criminal predisposition She was faced with the lack of love and stability required to live a functional and normal life Aileen was physically emotionally and sexually abused by men throughout her life losing her identity and control therefore it appears that she justified her revenge by taking control of her own life and killing seven men

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