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Operating System Design Name I own a Lenovo Ideapad V110 laptop It has the following features Operating system Windows 7 Hard Drive Capacity 500 GB Process speed 2 0 GHz Screen size 15 6 Framework memory 4 GB The reason why I prefer Windows 7 over any other operating system Windows 7 is a Window s version that was introduced after Windows Vista It has a number of advantages compared to other operating systems These advantages include 1 It has a high speed and therefore reliable It has a high responsiveness rate It shuts down and starts quickly and has fewer prompts and interruptions When there is a problem in my computer windows seven tends to have a faster recovery process 2 It still works well with the latest technology and trends This means that I am able to operate different types of applications and devices using windows 7 You can actually operate other operating systems from a desktop that has Windows 7 installed 3 I find it easy to find what I need quickly Window 7 has a large customizable taskbar that has a pop up previews It also includes Jump lists and instant search options The library groups make the process of finding documents easy even if they are saved in different folders 4 Window 7 makes the everyday tasks simplified and streamlined

The intuitive enhancements to Windows Aero desktop assist me in navigating arranging and working with multiple open windows on the laptop 5 It is easy to share files and printer using windows 7 I tend to have no server but using windows 7 it is always easy to share devices printers and documents across a number of PCs using Windows 7 I am planning to install a server and therefore Windows 7 Professional will allow me to connect quickly and securely to computers using both wireless and wired domain networks 6 As a mobile individual it helps I to stay productive when am at the go It is easier to share all network resources files and computer programs whether I am on the road or am at home It is also easy to disconnect from the network and work offline The network files are also seamlessly and automatically updated 7 It is very easy to restore deleted folders and files using Windows 7 I use Windows 7 Professional in my laptop and it allows me to schedule the automatic periodic backups with the objective of saving data or the entire system image to a local drive or network location This means that in case of any problem the restoration of the deleted files and folders can happen quickly 8 Windows 7 enables me to secure and protect confidential information Windows 7 has an Encrypting File System that offers a user level folder and file encryption This enables strong data control and protection 9 It provides a great online protection Windows 7 enhances protection from malicious software spyware and other forms of internet threats I use the Windows Internet Explorer 8 Internet browser because it helps in protecting my data by offering protection against privacy and security threats 10 Windows 7 helps in solving PC related issues quickly and effectively The Windows 7 Action Center provides one place to check diagnose and resolve common PC related issues It also has a built in troubleshooter that solves several issues in the PC such as power issues performance or internet connections

My personal assessment Comparing Windows 7 to other operating systems the shut down time and boot time is 30 quicker in both categories The speed of the sleep and wake mode are also fast The battery life is however not what I expect or feel comfortable with I am however comfortable with windows 7 because of its simplicity It is easier to maneuver around the laptop without experiencing any difficulties This is not the case for operating systems such as Windows 10 that I find hard to use Windows 7 suits my day to day activities such as writing and storing documents I believe that Windows 10 would suit an individual that is more into gaming because of its high quality graphics Windows 7 rarely crashes I was using windows 8 before I installed Windows 7 and it crashed very frequently resulting in me losing a lot of documents I opted to reinstall Windows 7 and stick to it Windows 7 is not free and one has to purchase it to have full access to it References Silberschatz A Galvin P B Gagne G 2014 Operating system concepts essentials John Wiley Sons Inc Arambatzis T Lazaridis I Pouros S 2015 September Modern Windows Operating Systems Vulnerabilities In The Second International Conference on Information Security and Digital Forensics ISDF2015 p 53 Ward K 2010 October 22 The Six Best Things About Microsoft Windows 7 Retrieved from https www lifewire com best windows 7 features 3506968 Windows 7 News Features PCMag com PCMag com 2017 November 29 Retrieved from https www pcmag com Windows 7

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