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Video Games and Their Positive Effects

What do you think about the game World Of Warcraft What about Overwatch Some people think They are wastes of time Some say it can be addicting But i think otherwise I think that video games can be helpful to anyone that might be stuck inside or people that have a disease that makes getting new friends hard So I say that some but not all video games can be educational creatively physical or imaginatively engaging but Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games can be These kinds of games always make you create an avatar This can show hidden fantasies that you did not know you had The game The Sims has you go around town and do different activities This can show you hidden talents and interests In another game called Second Life teens can go around and hang out with their friends and adults can enjoy nightly activities for adults Some college professors setup meets in these games and their students can attend them or they can just study at each other's houses All of the 10 1 Million people who play World Of Warcraft have the ability to set their own paths and can play at their own pace They can also make their own choices without societies judgement pushed upon them in games like The Sims These games also are based in a care free world You can't break a leg while your skateboarding in a game and if you are driving you don't have to worry about crashing and getting hurt MMORPG s also can have beneficial effects on the mentally challenged or mildly autistic people People who have disabilities like stuttering can talk to people without embarrassment by using the in game chat box People who are stuck inside can explore dimensions only books and movies brought us before Video games in general can help improve the brains speed coordination and memory Games can also improve your multitasking skills by putting you in situations where you have to monitor your stats in order to stay alive Video games can form bonds between people who live thousands of miles away from each other People who play games competitively like just as an example 

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