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Over the past 200 years we have Underestimated

Climate Change Over the past 200 years we have underestimated mother nature We have changed how the natural system works and its balance Our way of life has surpassed the limits of the natural world and we are facing a massive environmental challenge that no one is ready for It is time to change and create awareness about how threatening and disastrous Earth could end It is imperative to know that nature and wildlife complements the way we live and without it there would not be any stability To define correctly climate change I think is significant to define what is weather and what is climate We all know what weather is it is the changes that we perceive and sense outdoors Also weather is subjective to a specific place On the other hand climate is the habitual weather of an area or location Throughout the seasons weather and climate may change this causes the diversity in weather in all locations in Earth This would be Earth's climate the collaboration of all the climates around the world happening simultaneously What is climate change Climate change is a change in the normal weather found in a specific place The change could be in how much rain falls in a certain amount of time It could also be a change in the temperature Climate change can also refer to a change in Earth's climate 

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