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Whether Good CSR improve financial Performance

Introduction This assignment will be looking at whether Good CSR improve financial performance Different theories will be used throughout the assignment to critically analyse the effect that CSR has on the performance of a company Research using the FT and Bloomberg will be used to determine and look at a companies financial activities CSR Corporate Social Responsibility began in the 18th and 19th Centuries when there was an industrial revolution and very poor living and working conditions CSR is defined as actions that appear to further some social good beyond the interest of the firm and that which is required by law McWilliams and Siegel 2001 p 117 Many Scholars share the assumption that companies only focus on profits Scherer and Palazzo 2011 this assignment will critically analyse and look whether this statement is correct In this assignment there will be companies with good CSR and companies with no or bad CSR and there will be a comparison between the company's financial reports This assignment will include a conclusion based on the findings from the research and the analysis 

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