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Group of four African American college Students

In 1960 Ezell Blair Jr Franklin McCain Joseph McNeil and David Richmond were a group of four African American college students who sat down in protest at a whites only lunch counter in Greensboro North Carolina in 1960 At that time many facilities in the United States especially in the South were racially segregated World Book 1 In other words people who were not white could not use many public and or private services and or businesses This paper will focus on the Greensboro Four the conflict of segregated lunch counters what they did what laws were made The Greensboro Four wanted segregation to be outlawed in the U S They met in their free time to discuss civil rights and segregation They kept thinking of plans to protest but never actually put those plans into action The breaking point for the group came after Christmas vacation when Joseph McNeil was returning to N C A T after spending the holidays at home in New York McNeil was denied service at a Greyhound bus station in Greensboro 

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