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The history of the element the physical properties

All of the elements tell their own story whether it be good or bad Some of the elements are used for great things and others can be used for destructive purposes I will be sharing Platinum s story and where it originated from This element has many uses ranging from medical use to scientific and is used in vehicles we drive every day I will be talking about the history of the element the physical properties of the element what it looks like and how it is recognized I will also be touching on the present uses of the element and how reactive it is All of the elements have a place in this world and I will be sharing what atomic numbers 78 s place is in the world Platinum is a very valued and sought after metal that has a very long history It goes way back to to the seventh century BC where it is believed that oldest worked piece of platinum was in an Egyptian casket It was discovered at Thebes and was dedicated to the Queen Shapenapit On the Pacific Coast of South America there were ancient people that could have used platinum for burial goods There is speculation that in 1557 an Italian scholar wrote about the metal He wrote of a metal from Spanish Central America that would not melt The next recorded sighting of platinum was in 1735 by Antonio Ulloa He was on his way back to Europe when his ship was captured by the Royal Navy The Royal Society was very interested in the new metal and by the 1750s most of Europe knew and discussed about the newly discovered metal 

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