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I chose to write about the path that Eleonore Longden walked from the first symptom of her illness until she was able to overcome and learn how to live with her illness She explain how happy and confident she was or at least seem to be when she left home on the first days of college She was a great student and had all the future in front of her Then since the first semester with the daily college routine she started to feel different She describe how deeply unhappy hopeless insecure and scared she was Feeling like living in hell instead of sharing her real feelings with anybody she develop the skill of hiding her real nightmares she pretending that she was a happy and inspired At the end of the first semester the skill of hiding her feelings was mastered to a point that she lied to herself When the second semester began on a common day after a seminar she heard the voice for the first time 

She thought it was another person but then she realized that the voice was coming from inside of her head That voice continued to narrate all what she was doing on third person all the time even when she was sleeping the voice mirrored her most deep sentiments She says that at the beginning she was happy to hear the voice because sometimes the voice would calm her Then Eleonore made her first mistake she told a friend about the voice The friend who was obviously horrified recommend her to see a doctor That led her to her second mistake going to see a doctor Then she was diagnosed with schizophrenia Eleonore describes how people started to treat her differently and how that increased her insecurities and isolation She explain how scared embarrassed hopeless unsecured ext she was At that point the good voices from the beginning turned in to bad disturbing voices Those voices advised her to do means things to other peoples even to herself trying to confront that un secureness that she was experience Of course that behavior didn't help her After a few years of struggle she found a psychiatrist that wanted to listen to her and understand what was causing the voices to speak

With the help of good doctors her mother and another close persons she learn how to live with schizophrenia She realized that the voices were a representation of her fears and that she could use them to pit point thing that needed to be improved or changed Ten years after hearing the voice for the first time she graduated from college with the highest grades and a year later earned her master degree Now she helps other people with mental illnesses and is a successful woman Schizophrenia A psychotic disorder in which personal social and occupational functioning deteriorates as a result of strange perceptions disturbed thought processes unusual emotions and motor abnormalities Comer pp 387 In this course we learn and study about unusual patterns of behaviors emotions and thoughts In abnormal psychology we learn how to identify understand and treat patients with mental illnesses as schizophrenia Abnormal psychology is also a branch of psychology which usually deals with abnormal behaviors in a clinical context Patients with schizophrenia have two types of symptoms as Eleonore mention Type number one is called positive symptoms The positive symptoms are hallucinations delusions and disorganized speech and behaviors 

Type number two is called negative symptoms They are being less able to show feelings losing an interest in or ability to do activities and avoid family and friends desiring to be alone Treatment of schizophrenia along with other mental illness are typically characterized by medications therapies compromised of life style etc Eleonore case is one of the successful patients fighting and emerging like a phoenix from this illness According to Eleonore the best therapy form this illness is not overconfidence It is important to listen and try to know the difference between the patient's delusions and when the patients are telling the true I believe that explain the family and get the closest persons to the patient understand what is happening and how they support and their facing of the reality and acceptance of the illness is a key point to success In conclusion I need to say that I'm really impress with Eleonore testimony Because I m so interested on mental illness I read and do some researches and I know that it is not essay to overcome or and learn how to deal and have a normal life with schizophrenia I think that other psychologist and therapists need to try to follow her method to help other patients Eleonore is also a symbol of hope to other patients with mental illnesses She is an example to follow and a proof of what can be achieved with the right approach

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