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Desertification is defined as the process

Desertification is defined as the process by which human practices cause the land to degrade in quality in arid semi arid and dry sub humid regions Arid semi arid and dry sub humid regions are climate regions characterized by a lack of water with arid being the most dry and dry sub humid the least dry out of the three The lack of moisture in these areas can lead to poor development of plant and animal life Desertification also presents the key concept of land degradation which describes any process that adversely affects the value of land reduces the productive capabilities of the land or that threatens the biodiversity and ecology of the environment threatened by degradation These two phenomena go hand in hand as desertification is often a symptom of heightened land degradation Human activities like over farming failing to practice crop rotation and overgrazing cause the nutrient content of soil in dryland ecosystems which are ecosystems characterized by a lack of moisture to degrade which in turn makes the soil loose dry and therefore infertile and un farmable Desertification is not a new phenomenon It has been around for as long as humanity has adopted an agrarian lifestyle 

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