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I've always hated working with old Electronics

I've always hated working with old electronics This distaste stems from many different factors but largely pertains to the necessity of searching out the correct connector type among the myriad of available options It always seems that every ancient device you re working with requires an extra 20 minutes of looking for the correct way to supply power or to connect the device to something external This annoying caveat however is not the only maddening aspect of old technology Another is the necessity to restart a computer anytime a peripheral is attached in order for the device to be recognized All of theses aggravations are done away with however with the introduction and implementation of USB protocol and connector type The USB Universal Serial Bus is a connector type and protocol that allows for the supply of electrical power and data transfer between two devices It is extremely commonplace nowadays Say you get home from school plug your phone in grab your PS4 controller and kick your feet up You have just used at least 2 USB ports The USB port revolutionized technology It is used on nearly every computer on the end of every phone charger and on almost every gaming console It is an extremely common feature regardless of manufacturer Work on the development of USB began in 1994 The project was headed by Ajay Bhatt Intel and the USB Implementers Forum Inc The latter was a conglomeration of various titans of Technology and Computing like Microsoft Intel Apple and others Previous devices utilized specialized serial ports often specific to certain devices Different devices often needed the user to install many drivers and sometimes new hardware in order to support them

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