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The New Superintendent’s Public Relations Plan one could Make

Questions 1 When considering the case study The New Superintendent’s Public Relations Plan one could make the argument for interpreting any of the three barriers understanding accepting or acting as the causation for denying support of Dr Holt s initiative However the school board was very clear in stating concerns for the plan which included spending a large amount of money towards an initiative that was not requested by the residents and may be considered fiscally irresponsible The school board further indicated that they would support the initial steps of the plan while raising private funds towards full implementation This concern is identified as a barrier to acting in that the Boswell School District lacked the resources to allocate monies towards full implementation To presume anything but the stated concerns would be a flaw in leadership Question 2 Dr Holt due to her approach cannot assume that there is a hidden agenda as she did not include the school board in the planning process Although there are indications that other concerns may be prohibiting full buy in such as a narrow understanding of public relations or a perceived need of school board members to make decisions on behalf of the community without the community's feedback further questioning of school board members outside of the school board meeting and a strategic look at the fund balance for the district these are unfounded assumptions The school board indicated a strong support for school community relationships

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