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In The Things They Carried Tim O'Brien Narrates

In The Things They Carried Tim O'Brien narrates and recounts his experience in the Vietnam War The Vietnam War was perhaps one of the scariest wars any American could partake in Along with that many American citizens did not support the war in Vietnam making the soldiers power of will lower than those who fought in World War II In any war that someone has fought in they have changed in some way that can leave a permanent impact on themselves When O'Brien was a young man he enters into the draft with disbelief while afraid of the shame that avoiding the war would bring him By the end of the war he feels as if he s a guilt ridden man who tells his stories in order to deal with his saddening memories The Things They Carried describes the variety of things his fellow soldiers in the Alpha Company brought on their missions While each individual carried heavy physical loads along the way they also carried heavy emotional loads 

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