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ANALYSING ENVIRONMENTAL RISK IN INDIA In today s fast paced world the business sector and people are constantly evolving and developing Sometimes this development happens at the cost of other living beings whether it is people being displaced from their houses in order to clear out space for new plants and factories or whether it is at the risk of polluting the environment and contributing to its degradation In today s time environmental risk has become a crucial topic that needs to be addressed According to the Global Risks Report 2017 which studies the impact of the changing dynamics in the world and assesses a list of catastrophic risks which have a probability of affecting people globally stated that the top five in terms of their likelihood to happen included a geopolitical risk weapons of mass destruction and the rest were all environmental risks extreme weather events failure of climate change crisis due to water depletion and major natural disasters Identifying the problem With a population of over 1 3 billion which is growing at a rate of 2 11 percent every year India will soon overtake China to become the most populous country in the world With an ever growing population there comes a strain on the scarce natural resources which ultimately lead to their depletion 

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