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This chapter presents about the basic knowledge of this study It will be detail explain about the background of research problem statement objective of the study research question justification of study scope of the study significance of the study limitation of study and the conclusion This research is focusing on the factors defect of local part in logistic assembly warehouse in Perodua Manufacturing Dependent variable in this study is the defect local part and the independent variables are the man power method handling and material This paper will discuss the gap of the problem in this research in the problem statement The research question in this chapter will discuss about the question associated to the theoretical framework in my research There are 2 types of research question firstly is main research question and secondly are specific research questions The main research question is related to the dependent variable that is important or basic research in this study 

The specific research question is the supportive of the main research question Research objective is divided into two 2 First the main research objective and second is the specific research objectives In this particular chapter as well this research will also give the information on the importance of this study towards all parties including individuals organizations and other researches It will be covered in the significance of study There are several limitations throughout this research which are on the period of data gathered difficulty in obtaining information and also accuracy of data Lastly summary will summarize all the relevant information that included in chapter one 9 1 2 BACKGROUND OF THE COMPANY They Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sendirian Berhad Second Automobile Manufacturer Private Limited typically abbreviated to Perodua is Malaysia’s biggest auto producer intently took after by Proton The company is situated in Rawang Malaysia Perodua Manufacturing Sdn Bhd operates as a subsidiary of Perodua Auto Corporation Sdn Bhd It was develop in 1992 and launched their first car the Perodua Kancil in August 1994 Initially Perodua on a very basic level produces mini cars and

superminissuperminissuperminissuperminissuperminissuperminissuperminissuperminissuperminissuperminis and does not have models in the same market fragments as Proton In recent years their targeted market segments have started to overlap Especially in the super compact segment where the Perodua Perodua Perodua Perodua Perodua Perodua Perodua Perodua MyviMyviMyviMyvi has warded off the Proton Savvy and is currently competing with the Proton Iriz Perodua do not design or engineer their main components such as engine and transmission in house Their cars have truly utilized Daihatsu component designs Daihatsu held a 20 stake in Perodua at the company s launch growing this to 25 out of 2001 and after that to 35 In 2004 Perodua started assembling the Toyota Avanza at their plant in Rawang available to be purchased in Malaysia Perodua sold more than 207 100 vehicles in 2016 which was its highest ever sales record and a highest ever market share of 35 7 Now Perodua have new plant call Perodua Global Manufacturing as second plant that assemble Perodua Axia and Perodua Bezza Presently Perodua s investors incorporate the UMW Corporation 38 Daihatsu Motor Co 20 Daihatsu Malaysia 5 MBM Resources 20 PNB Equity Resource Corporation 10 Mitsui Co 4 2 and Mitsui Co Asia Pacific 2 8 10 1 3 

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY This research is concentrating on the defect local part man power method handling and material Based on some reading material such as journal book and some study states that some factors such as man power error method to handling part and material caused defect local parts in logistic assembly warehouse Crosby D C 2009 investigating under defects characterized it to mean when manufactured products do not conform with to the normal or acknowledged standard of quality however does not necessarily mean a failure of that product On a very basic level factor of defect problem emerge from man material method and machine Man job execution has reliably been an imperative worry for managers of organizations Kelidbari 2011 Man one of the elements of imperfection parts which are lack of employee training and not follow standard operating procedure spells bother for the company because it unfavorably impacts the organization internally and externally 

Without vision support and direction from a manager manpower guess at their goals and responsibilities or do nothing at all From physiology angle manual material exchange or method handling requires high measure of energy and strength This process is extremely significant because all the materials should be handled well in order to keep it safe to achieve its goal securely and to keep up their quality and condition 11 Materials can be defective if they are contaminated or have the wrong itemizing Cost reductions that are requiring by Perodua will effect to the supplier Supplier will prefer the material that low quality to cut the cost Perodua manufacturing especially in logistic department have three categories of parts which Multi Sourcing Part Japan Sourcing Part and Local Part Local part refer to parts or component that are produced by the local vendor in Malaysia Local part will place in the logistic assembly warehouse with the period 2 4 hours in the warehouse After four hours the local part will deliver to assembly line to avoid downtime or other name call production line stop

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