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Persuasive Essay Tool or Weapon of Mass Destruction How would you feel if your children were playing in a park and somebody walked past with an assault rifle in their hands Would you instantly call the authorities and demand they arrest them Or would you think that they have a right as an American to carry a permitted firearm One of the hot debates in our country today is whether the average American citizens should have the right to own assault rifle styled weapons or even shotguns and handguns The debate on gun control is heavily disputed between Americans and is certainly not something you would bring up during thanksgiving dinner without the conversation turning into an argument The main question being Should the average American legally have possession of a firearm I believe that all law abiding Americans should have the right to own firearms if they choose so Owning a gun in the United states is a right every American Citizen is born with If you disagree you can read the 2nd amendment and see for yourself the exact words A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed United States Constitution The main reason for the second amendment to be written is so that citizens of the United States can protect themselves from any life endangering threat In the highly unlikely event that the people of the United States were to overthrow the government this is another reason the amendment is written

Also the right to use firearms to hunt animals and protect yourself from dangerous wildlife To legally carry a firearm Hogg 2 on you in public you must obtain a concealed carry permit and know how to handle your firearm There are several reasons why it is and should be legal to own a firearm in the United states When you turn on your TV and see news about gun control you automatically see pictures of Assault rifles and people with little gun experience become frightened by these types of weapons Most people argue that assault rifle style weapons are too dangerous to be in our communities because of how they look The clear majority of gun crimes are committed with hand guns There are several statistics that back up my claim including from the Bureau of Justice Firearms were identified as the murder weapon in 600 cases Over 70 of the fire arms used were handguns Bureau of Justice Statistics Many politicians like to appeal to your emotions and explain how scary and deadly assault rifles are Assault rifle style weapons account for less than 2 of all gun crimes committed in the United States every year As with any debate there are two sides and two different perspectives

There are several countries that do not allow their citizens to own firearms or restrict the possession of guns heavily Some of these countries with strict gun laws have low crime rates and still do well Many of the safest nations in the world have very strict gun laws and continue to stay safe New Zealand has some very strict gun laws and is one of the safest nations in the world Purchase or import of military style semi automatics and all handguns must be individually approved by and registered with the New Zealand police And in Australia the gun laws are strict and is moving along just fine and the homicide rate is slowly decreasing In many cases the absence of guns is a benefit to the community and safety of these nations In conclusion both sides have explanations as to why or why not we should have possession of firearms There are pro gun people who will march with guns in public just to protest anti gun laws and policy makers because they know they have the right to do so And there are also others who go to huge anti gun rallies claiming that guns are the devil and will end the world as we know it

Either way both sides attribute guns with death in one way or another and that should not always be the case No matter what side you are on you must realize that the gun does not kill but the person who is pulling the trigger on the gun In order to overcome this debate we must all come together and discuss this and what we can do as a country to fix people not guns In the end we should not demand an end to gun control or have complete gun control but instead find a way to meet in the middle somewhere Either way I believe that owning guns is a right that you are born with and you should choose if you want to own firearms or not

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