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Physician Assisted Death Is it Really the Best Choice Physician assisted death is has recently become legal in Canada but it is important to have a deeper understanding of potential consequences this legalization can entail The approval of Bill C 14 on June 17 2016 is what set the grounds for this phenomenon to be part of medical practice in Canada Ireland 2017 Since legalization over 1300 Canadians have died with the help of physicians that is a significant amount of people that perhaps still could have been living today if Bill C 14 had not been passed Ireland 2017 In the case of Rob Rollins a story published on CBC news he was a man fighting cancer and the doctors had told him that he had around 6 months to live Ireland 2017 Rollins was a terminally ill but completely competent man and he made the decision on his own will to end his life through the assistance of a physician Ireland 2017 It does make sense that Rollins had the right to autonomy he obviously felt that it is his own life and that he has the right to take his life when he seemed fit It does seem like a favourable choice when it comes to the idea of dying with dignity since a patient can be administered a lethal dose of drugs that could help him or her die a painless and well planned out death surrounded by things and people that are important to them

The issue of concern with the legalization of physician assisted death is that it opens a gateway for offering this option to individuals who are not completely competent or may be undergoing other mental health issues As physician assisted death becomes more and more accepted and regularised around the world it has the potential to send the message that people who are terminally ill and people who are disabled or the elderly have lives that are not worth living so that they should take the easy way out and end their lives This phenomenon is comparable to suicide since some people who commit suicide also end their lives since they feel that their life is not worth living So when the topics of physician assisted death and suicide are compared perhaps it makes more sense to come up with support systems or health care policies that are tailored to these vulnerable individuals by coming up with better alternatives that support their unfortunate situations All humans should have the right to health Many patients who are terminally ill face mental health issues such as depression so it is important to understand these patient s vulnerable states of mind when introducing the idea of physician assisted death to them In addition elderly individuals who are terminally ill may feel like they are a burden on their families so they may feel it would be best to end their lives since it could make their families lives easier Perhaps what would be better for patients such as these is to provide them with support systems and make them feel that their lives are valued and they are loved it can have the potential for them to completely reconsider their choices when it comes to giving a physician the permission to end their lives 

Moreover respect for human life is vital so physician assisted suicide should be an extreme last resort when no other methods are sufficient to aid the person in need It is important that individuals have the right to live well with all the support and help they need before they are given the right to go through with physician assisted death It is possible that people may want to take the route of physician assisted death if they are not being supplied with the support they need thus making it very important to provide individuals with the tools needed to live their most comfortable and fulfilling lives to ensure physician assisted death would truly be a complete last resort Overall physician assisted death is something that gives competent individuals a chance to die with dignity which in itself is a very honourable phenomenon The matter of concern is how some individuals who may not be completely competent may not be in the right state of mind or the elderly who may feel like they are a burden on their families may choose this route when it may not be the best choice for them Thus it is very important to understand the situations of these individuals and provide them with the help and support they need to overcome these difficult and confusing times in their lives because physician assisted death may not be what they truly want or need Human life is very precious so every measure should be taken for humans to live their lives as long as nature allows References

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