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Present Solution and Related Policies Air Pollution Control in Australia

Present Solution and Related Policies Air Pollution Control in Australia Air pollution is a current issue that many of the developed and developing countries have been and are still fighting against as air quality affects not only the health of humans but also the liveability and environment we live in Even a short term exposure to air pollution can lead to drastic health problems especially for the elderly children and those with predisposed or weak respiratory and cardiovascular systems Over the past few decades Australia has been working hard towards implementation and enforcement of regulations in order to improve their air quality In June of 1998 Australia s National Environment Protection Council NEPC took its first step in setting national air quality standards through the creation of the National Environment Protection Measure for Ambient Air Quality Air NEPM The Air NEPM sets standards for the six major air pollutants that most people in Australia are exposed to carbon monoxide ozone photochemical oxidants sulfur dioxide nitrogen dioxide lead and PMs particles Also it requires the jurisdictions in Australia to monitor and report their air quality making the identification of potential air quality problems much more efficient for the future In 2000 The Fuel Quality Standards Act was created in order to regulate the quality of fuel supplied in Australia and reduce the level of pollutants and emissions produced that may cause environmental and health problems In addition in 2004 the National Environment Protection Air Toxics Measure Air Toxics NEPM was created in which monitoring investigation levels for five air toxics benzene formaldehyde benzoapyrene toluene and xylenes were established 

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