Essay Example on Pollution is known as addition of any harmful substances or in the form of Energy









Pollution is known as addition of any harmful substances or in the form of energy into the environment which causes some changes and brings negative effects to the environment The substances that can cause pollution is known as pollutants Generally there are many types of pollution that is air pollution water pollution noise pollution and thermal pollution 5 2 Air Pollution Air pollution is the released of high concentration of harmful gaseous or particles into the air which may harm the environment and also the living organisms Air Pollution Index API is used to measure the quality of air based on the concentration of air pollutants in the atmosphere 5 2 1 Air Pollutants There are various types of air pollutants that can trigger air pollution These include sulphur dioxide which will be absorbed by the respiratory tract easily causing breathing difficulty and trigger asthma Nitrogen dioxide will also causes breathing problems by increasing the chances of respiratory diseases such as bronchitis Next carbon monoxide is a harmful substance which will compete with oxygen to bind with haemoglobin Consequently the amount of oxygen that will be able to transport to the body cells will be greatly reduced Heavy metals such as lead and mercury will retard the mental ability and damage the liver and also kidney Small particles such as dust smoke or soot are also types of air pollutants 

They will irritates the eyes nose and also the lungs Carbon dioxide which is a common air pollutants will affect the respiratory process It is also a major source which triggers greenhouse effect and global warming 5 2 2 Causes of Air Pollution Air pollution is mainly caused by human activities including transportation combustion in industry agricultural activities and also open burning The use of motor vehicles such as cars motorcycles bus lorries aeroplanes as well as ships involved the combustion of fossil fuels The combustion of fossil fuels such as petroleum coal gas and diesel will produce air pollutants including carbon dioxide carbon monoxide nitrogen dioxide sulphur dioxide and also soot In the field of industry many manufacturing factories will discharge the unwanted waste substances directly into the air These include a large amount of carbon monoxide nitrogen dioxide dust smoke and some chemicals which will reduce the air quality and contribute to air pollution In agricultural field the use of pesticides insecticides herbicides and some fertilizers are sprayed directly into the air which later emit harmful chemicals Deforestation also causes air pollution as the level of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases when the trees are removed Open burning which is carried out in an open air environment for the purpose of burning rubbish or solid waste will release a lot of carbon dioxide dust and smoke into the atmosphere Besides forest fire which is one of the ways of deforestation will also release a large amount of air pollutants such as fine smoke particles into the air 

These smoke particles will accumulate in the atmosphere causing haze 5 2 3 Effect of Air Pollution Air pollution has leave a lot of negative effects on health agriculture buildings and also climate Excessive exposure to high level of air pollutants may affect our health developing respiratory problems Examples of respiratory problems include breathing difficulties asthma chest tightness irritation of eyes and nose Air pollution may lead to a more severe condition causing several respiratory diseases such as bronchitis emphysema of the lungs and also lung cancer Air pollutants will also damage the buildings by reacting with the compositions of the buildings such as marble and limestone This may cause weakening of the structure of the buildings corrodes the metals and stoneworks on the buildings cause rusting and turn the colour of the painting dull Air pollution will damage the plants by damaging the plant tissues and causing chlorosis which reduce the production of chlorophyll consequently the colour of the leaves turn yellow It also lower the pH of the soil causing the soil unsuitable for the growing of the crops The smoke and dust in the air will also deposit on the leaves this blocks the stomata from absorbing the sunlight and prevent gaseous exchange to occur As a result the rate of photosynthesis is reduced Air pollution will also affect the climate by causing global warming which increase the atmosphere temperature

The air pollutants will combine with the rainwater to form acid rain Haze is formed when the smoke and dust particles combine with the cloud particles The haze darkens the air and prevents the sunlight from reaching the Earth Thus this reduces visibility 5 2 4 Ways to Prevent Air Pollution To reduce the combustion of fossil fuels we should always use public transportation such as bus train or car pooling Next catalytic converters should be installed at the car exhaust so that the gas emitted is harmless and will not pollute the environment Unleaded petrol should be used to replace petrol or diesel which emit a lot of poisonous gas into the atmosphere The government should also play their role in introducing new renewable energy resources such as solar energy wind energy or wave energy to reduce the bburning of fossil fuels The manufacturing factories should also filtered or convert the harmful gaseous into harmless substances before releasing them into the air 5 2 5 Example of Air Pollution In 2015 forest fires in Indonesia causes the air quality in Malaysia to be reduced The haze causes the Malaysian to suffer from various respiratory diseases

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