TITLE OF PROJECT POLLUTION MONITORING SYSTEM IN AUTOMOBILE EXHAUST USING IOT Project Abstract Our environment is at a very high risk and the nature is getting trapped by the factor Pollution The main reason is the people with without knowledge they pollute air and walk by Its our own responsibility to bother about this situation and do something for the betterment This hectic situation cannot be made upside down rather can take step for the beneficiary act The emission rate in the environment also raise the destruction rate of mankind The health effects occurring due to the factors such as PM NO2 CO2 CO is considered to leave a serious issue in our biological system Thereby these pollutants can also lead to death chronic disorder allergy etc Metropolitan cities are the key feature and ranks high in destroying the nature and pollute air Among those the vehicular emission always proceed to remain a unsolved problem for every common people in daily life The concept of Global warming also popped up only when the emission rate of AIR POLLUTION exceeded the standard rate of PCB Pollution Control Board The improper maintenance of vehicle must be taken care periodically and make this happen and control the emission rate is our main objective 

Our main motto is to warn the user of the registered vehicle which is down the line to exceed and regularly alert them their contribution for the destruction of environment The proposal is definite on the development of a highly effective device built with the low cost sensors to monitor the pollution contribution to environment through the exhaust valve of automobiles This is again wished to proceed by integrating with the IOT based technique in order to extend the traditional technology The new approach of cloud computing is is followed so as to store the data values obtained from sensors directly to get stacked in the cloud and retrieve when needed The existing system does the monitoring of vehicles in the manual parameter in regular intervals It is felt to upgrade for the technological development in order to sow this as a seed for the near future The proposed system of intelligent sensing for automobiles will always keep a track on the vehicular emission of every individual vehicles The proposal also focusses to use cloud as a data center to hold the dynamic obtained WSN Wire Sensing Network lowers the burden by allowing data to be shared across all the web spaces And also advised that any independent researcher interested in handling sensors can turn up for the extension of this project to the future modern technique Keywords Microcontrollers Sensors Automotive emissions WSN Wireless Sensor Networks IOT Internet of Things Literature Survey In the past few years there are several rules and regulations made by the government to control the vehicular emissions but most of the efforts were unsuccessful Bharat stage emission standards are standardized emission rates initiated by government of India to regulate the output of air pollutants from internal combustion engine system and motor vehicle emissions 

The emission norms were introduced in India at first in 1991 for petrol and in 1992 for diesel vehicles The existing system consists of a gas sensor which measures only CO and when it reaches the value above threshold value it will be intimated to the user or when the pollution level crosses the predefined levels the vehicle will the stopped and a alert message is sent to the user through GSM module The safety level of air quality is 350 ppm and once it crosses beyond 1000 ppm it is considered that the corresponding vehicle exceeds the standard emission rate and also it is at a high risk polluting the environment The two and three wheelers 2 4 strokes manufactured before 31st march 2000 should be limited to 4 5 of CO and 9000 ppm of HC emissions The two and three wheelers manufactured after 31st march 2000 should be limited to 3 5 of CO and 6000 ppm of HC and 4500 ppm of HC emissions for two and four strokes respectively The four wheelers manufactured as per Bharat pre bharat stage norms have 3 of CO and 1500 of HC The four wheelers manufactured as per Bharat Stage II or subsequent norms have 0 5 of CO and 750 ppm of HC emissions Methodology Small inexpensive and portable devices may greatly employ and yield good result once gets used Now a days the pollution in various cities is due to the emission of pollutant gases carbon 

The increase in environmental problems will affect the human health in urban places The proposed air pollution monitoring system will give the information about the carbon content emitted from the automobiles exhaust in order to maintain the good quality of environment and the automobile vehicles The information about the emission is detected by sensors with the help of microcontroller where the information from the sensor are correlated with the standards If the emission is above the standard level it gives an alert to the user and to the pollution control board All sensors working can be put in a classification as follows The sensor element that senses the species of interest Transducers that convert the response for electrical signals Data link to communication device Cloud computing storage Alert to user

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