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How many people use some sort of social media Now how many of those have used social media to raise some sort of awareness such as for movements charitable causes How many of have used it to connect with people across the world How many have you used to start a business or to increase the success of a current business See a lot of you have yet to take advantage of the opportunities of social media And those are just a few ways that social media provides a positive influence in our communities Social Media s Influence on Education Social media s positive impact s on education provides the ability to seek help with learning instructors obtain new information and overall make education easier for students that live in different countries as well Students are able to get help from online tutorials that are shared through social networks Students can also receive answers on questions or subjects Through social media people are able to gain a better understanding on topics For example using Facebook to teach people across the world the Amsterdam school has come up with a way to educate students about history This is done by utilizing Facebook s timeline feature by adding information to events in a Facebook page Social Media Unites People 

Through Movements and Charitable Causes Police Brutality Police brutality is when police members use their power in a violent matter This type of behaviour exists in many countries Through the hashtag BlackLivesMatter citizens came together and marched the streets with the Black Lives Matter movement in hopes of putting an end to this issue BlackLivesMatter hashtag has been used 9 million times which first started on Twitter lead to making it a social calling card for social justice and racial equality activists Sexual Violence Harvey Weinstein Kevin Spacey Roy Moore and 120 other people in the industries of Hollywood politics and etc have been accused for sexual violence Through the power of social media Metoo evolved to reveal the harassment and abuse that women had faced in their own lives Facebook said that within 24 hours of it launching 4 7 million people around the world had engaged in the Metoo conversation Celebrities have created a website to donate money for people who have been a victim and do not have the money to go to court ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ALS is one of the diseases that was created into a challenge This challenge erupted all over social media as celebrities and people uploaded videos of themselves as they threw ice water on their head This lead to people and celebrities donating money more than 17 million people participated in the challenge worldwide and overall the ALS collected around 115 million for research to help this disease find a solution Hurricane Harvey Hurricanes destroys shelters for citizens buildings that surround the infrastructure of buildings people and surroundings Hurricane Harvey a survivor's experience I have 2 children with me and water is swallowing us up Please send help a woman named Maritza Ritz Willis tweeted early Sunday morning As 911 dispatchers were not responding she decided to share her address with her 463 followers and posted a call for help on Facebook Social media got the message and they sharing posts with a list of emergency phone numbers people can call including the 

Houston Police Department non emergency line and the U S Coast Guard in Texas Social media also donated money to fix infrastructures and surroundings in the future Connections Formed Through Social Media Connect to people If you re 10 kilometers away or in Peru Social media allows people to connect with others anywhere in the world for example people are able to stay in contact through video chatting sharing photos instant messages and more Social media becomes very useful and accessible for people as it s free Overall anyone can be anywhere and still be able to go on their social media platforms and can start talking Support Groups Support groups provides each other support and help when dealing with anxiety addiction suicide preventions diseases and more Studies have proven people increase strength from communicating with others which can be done with anyone in the world through social media platforms Through messaging and video calling Networking The way we utilize social media right now will change as we grow older because our social media accounts will affect our image and impressions for jobs and people we meet in the workplace For starters keeping updated accounts such as a LinkedIn account helps one advance their career and open up new opportunities by connecting with other people in that field Social Media s Impact on Business Social Media gives positive influences for businesses Businesses have the benefit to communicate as their able to easily connect with their business partners overseas

There are many ways businesses can connect through a free Skype video call In addition using social media businesses can connect with customers through advertisements and promoting content through social media They also provide a platform to make purchases as well Therefore social media platforms to increase awareness of the company sales and improve overall effectiveness to communicate with customers Work Cited ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Inspiration Anthony Senerchia Dies Time Time time com 5042254 anthony senerchia ice bucket challenge als Hurricane Harvey The U S s First Social Media Storm Time Time time com 4921961 hurricane harvey twitter facebook social media Morrison Kimberlee 2015 s Top 5 Social Activism Campaigns BlackLivesMatter LoveWins More Adweek Adweek 28 Dec 2015 www adweek com digital 2015s top 5 social activism campaigns blacklivesmatter lovewins more Pengelly Martin MeToo thousands march in LA as sexual misconduct allegations continue The Guardian Guardian News and Media 12 Nov 2017 www theguardian com world 2017 nov 12 metoo march hollywood sexual assault harassment I Can t Breathe NYC March over Chokehold Death of Eric Garner Protests Police Violence Nationwide Democracy Now

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