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Today on August 6 1965 President Lyndon Baines Johnson signs the voting acts rights guaranteeing African Americans the right to vote but many events had to occur for this to have happen One of the events that have happened occurred was in US Alabama when 25 000 people had participated in an 80 km march that was led by Martin Luther King Jr in order to fight for the right to vote This had all started when on October 7 1963 when only 2 percent of the eligible black voters managed to register a vote September of 1965 when marches and demonstrations over voter registration prompt Alabama Governor George C Wallace to ban nighttime demonstrations in Selma and Marion Alabama Biography Com I as a member of the black community feel that black people are being treated very unfairly Everybody no matter what race or beliefs should be able to vote Even though a lot of people believe in this idea a lot of people oppose this idea 

They see the black community as the minority and think that black people don't deserve to have the same rights as white people Certain people especially in the white community deeply believe in the racist policies in southern state of Alabama One Of the people who believes in this is Alabama Governor George Wallace who is a notorious opponent of desegregation and the local county sheriff in Dallas County who had led a steadfast opposition to black voter registration drives History Com There are many cases that show that he believed in segregation but the most the two most notable ones was when he had concluded his inaugural speech saying Segregation now segregation tomorrow segregation forever History com in 1962 and when hen had held a stand in the schoolhouse door two black students James hood and Vivian malone from attending the university of Alabama another person who believes in this is a white American police officer by the name of James Bonard Fowler On the 18th of February 1965 there was a peaceful night march taking place to protest the arrest of James Orange a field secretary for the southern Christian leadership conference history com Him alongside other police and state troopers had attacked the protesters with clubs sending them fleeing in different directions shortly after this had taken place fowler had went to a restaurant called Mack s Café there he saw some of the demonstrators sitting there and took out his gun shooting one of the demonstrator by the name of Jimmie lee Jackson in the stomach Everybody in the world deserves to be treated equally but this is not always the case because of individuals like James Bonard Fowler and George Wallace When the protest against James orange had occurred the cops and state troopers had acted very violently towards the people protesting There job was to just to end the protest but instead they decided to go and beat very one with clubs causing everyone to run away 

After everyone had left they had decided to go to a restaurant where some of the protesters were hiding and continued to beat them One of these people was viola Jackson When her son Jimmie had decided to try to protect her the police officer by the name of had shot Jimmie in the stomach chased him out of the cafe and beat him until he was unconscious George Wallace is a very controversial politician He believed in racial segregation and was even backed by the Ku Klux Klan biography com which is a hate group that hates all people that are black and that are Christian Racism is the belief that one race is superior over the other During the last couple of decades our world has been progressing a lot in medicine and technology yet racism still Wawrzycki 3 exists people who judge others based on their race are very ignorant People need to start to realize that black and white people are and we should be the same because we were all created God People should be judged based on who they are and not by what the look like Nobody should be the victim of any type of harassment or discrimination Everyone deserves to have the same rights and deserve to have whatever they want But black people have had voting taken away from them which is a basic human right that was established on the 10th of December in 1948 by the United Nations When the black people had decided to protest and get there right to vote back they were tortured and beaten by the police Because of events like this black people may be scared of going to the police in an emergency situation because of the fear of being attacked or not being listened to We may not want to talk about racism because we may be scared of the consequences that may happen but if we don t speak of it nothing will ever change During the last couple decades we have been through a lot We had just overcome slavery but racism still exists in our world We need to keep working hard keep on protesting and show everyone that we deserve to have the same rights as everyone else People need to start to realize that we are all the same and that change needs to happen

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