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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1 Project Background We are living in a world where cars are playing a big role in our daily activities In one way or another cars have made many people’s work easier by moving them from one place to another faster and therefore saving them time for we know time is money Not everyone owns a car and this is where car rental service businesses come in to offer cars for hire A rental service is a service in which customers request the hire of a rental unit This is more convenient than carrying the cost of owning and maintaining the unit Through car rental companies customers can hire automobiles for a short period of time at a fee This is an extended form of a rental shop which allows the user to return the rented unit after use The Car Hire Management System is going to make work easier for the user and the car rental company by providing an online platform for them Nowadays technology is playing a major role in the business sector Many businesses have incorporated themselves with technology which helps them widen their area of service and conducting their business over the internet The Car Hire Management System transforms the manual process of hiring to a computerized system and reduce paperwork It will show car details renting price for each car and does a user satisfaction test 1 2 Problem Statement Manual Car rental services in Kenya poses quite a number of challenges

The user has to go to the office where he she can get the car on rent and book their car Based on observations some small sized to medium companies SMEs have a car rental system which is not a web based application which limits them from making their services more available to the public through the internet Most of these companies use posters to advertise their services to the public The Car Hire Management system will eliminate paperwork as much as possible and make a totally computerized system It provides features like time efficiency to show user profiles car details i e model prices of different cars available for hire etc and whatever the customer will give the feedback to the admin An enquiry can be done easily by the user online and responded to without the user having to go to the office The user has ability to register and log into the system and track their rental plan using any device anywhere at any time User can as well view all the cars available to rent even without logging in The admin has ability to login add remove cars available for rent change prices view feedback and enquiries etc 1 3 Objectives of the study 1 3 1 General objective The general objective of the Car Hire Management system to develop a web based system that will help manage the business transactions of a car renting company and make it easier for customers to find rental cars easily over the internet 1 3 2 Specific objectives I To help in advertising the car rental services of a company through the availability of the system online II To transform the manual process of hiring car to a computerized system III To create a user friendly online environment for both the user and allow the company to access their database securely and safely IV To allow for real time up to date services for customers V To validate Car Hire Management System using user satisfaction test 

1 4 Project justification The Car Hire Management System is a significant system in streamlining all activities in a car rental business It is clear based on the current system of paperwork and phone calls is primitive and time wasting Thus this web based car hire management system will revolutionize the car rental business in various aspects It will save both the company and the user time because transactions are computerized and can be carried out anywhere at any time The ca rental company is able to keep records of each car and the income that has been generated over time and therefore help in making decisions As data is maintained electronically it is easier for the administrator to update the details which has overcome the tedious updating process in the previous system The sharing problem of data experienced in the previous system has been overcome by centralization of data 1 5 Project scope The Car Hire Management System keeps detailed records of both the cars and the customers the duration they rented as well as the type of cars they rented It as well provides a catalog for users as an alternative to select a car if they if they want to choose car by their own The Car Hire Management System will have two levels of access Administrator Customer Administrator Can remove or add new car and manage booking Able find user information by searching from the database based on their name or ID card number Can respond to user enquiries Customer Authorized users can book a car Can make enquiry and give feedback Can view information of available cars for hire 1 6 Target Users The Car Hire Management System is targeting the Car hire companies in Kenya that are still using the manual system It as well targets tourists visiting Kenya and want to get a car for hire and not to forget Kenyan citizens who have or do not have cars but want to use car services for various purposes 1 7 Limitation of the system The application is convenient only to the computer literate The application requires internet connection which is poor in some parts of Kenya CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW 2 1 Introduction Literature review is the evaluation of information found in existing literature related to selected area of study It is an assessment of the existing literature and systems

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