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Introduction It is recognized that colour has strong psychological influence on human reactions Pile J 1997 Colour and light are major factors in man made environments and there is no doubt that they have a strong influence on psychological and physiological wellbeing We cannot assume that the only role of light and colour is to provide tolerable illumination and a pleasant environment Although colour vision does not appear in the forms of animal life radiant energy and its spectral component still provide various psychological processes in all kind of living organism For example radiant energy is apparently vital for the growth of plants Mahnke F 1993 The quantity of colour should be considered in the design of the physical learning environment Large amounts of colour over stimulate individuals Verghese 2001 discusses the process of visual search and attention in regard to signal detection theory This theory states that the human mind continuously strives to organize visual information Too much colour motion or pattern functions as distractors making visual search more difficult A stressful learning environment will result from excessive use of colour Table 1 outlines findings issues and associations related to specific colours Additionally psychological and physiological aspects of colour will become prominent in design decisions According to the observations of theorists the warm and cool colour effect to the human personality and sense reaction Warm colour goes to the excitation the extroverted human being but the cool colour goes to the tranquilization the introverted human being Meaning of Warm Cool and Neutral Colour Warm colours In the daily life is usually talking about warm greeting warm friendship and a warm atmosphere In colour terms the hues on the warm side of the colour circle are generally understood as comfortable cozy and pleasant Experiment proved that warm colour in space provides more comfortable area rather than cool colour Pile J 1997 

Cool colour those are that give the feel of coolness or calmness These colour are green blue violet are on the cool side of the circle These colours give sense of relaxing and calmness Cool colour may become depressive and negative in psychological impact Neutral colour white black gray are in this category They are between cool and warm and they have less intense psychological effect These colour may seems very boring but in the positive perspective they are using in practical area with a minimum of emotional content Achromatic colours are also considered as a neutral colour like brown beige and tans are also considered as neutral colours Hummie Ed 2009 Effect of Colour in Form It has been suggested by some of the theorist that colour and form are related as expected As a theory of Itten there were connection between primary colour i e red blue and yellow and the simple geometric form of the square triangle and circle Pile J 1997 Therefore in terms of form perception colour can be applied to stress weaken or convert perception of specific form into new sensation Indeed beside its impact on the weight size and distance colour has ability to shape the space diminish the volume or it makes it more pronounced Apparently colour form relationship is one of the aspects in a design 

According to the Bauhaus theory the supporting theory argues that the square with its horizontal and vertical lines is related to the gravity and so to red The triangle and its weights it goes to the yellow the symbol of thought the circle which is symbol of relaxation is then seen as relating to blue To move this theory further Itten proposed that the secondary colour had relationship to geometrical form as well For example Trapezoid related to orange spherical triangle relates to green and ellipse relate to violet Pile J 1997 To start with it is worth to review the example of colour form synthesis which has proposed by Brochman on two dimensional planes Firstly Bochman draw a cube with red colour but he left the third plane white Hesselgren S 1969 He note that conspicuous perception of cube diminishes immediately and appear as a part which is cut from another larger object along these lines another experimental study was conducted by Swirnoff Among numerous researchers on characteristic of colour Swirnoff note that colour is one of the constituents of form conducted a number of studies and dedicated to effect of colour on visual appearance of object One of the experiments according to this theory was that two cubes of equal size were joined together at right angle by a square plane at their common base Conclusion The present analysis is done to investigate the appropriate use of colour in interior Colour plays a vital role in the world of design and since design can cover many different areas it can be very powerful in human lives

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