Essay Example on Quebec which lies in the St Lawrence Lowlands experiences all four Seasons









Quebec which lies in the St Lawrence Lowlands experiences all four seasons Summer is hot and humid with an average temperature of 74 F for a high and 54 F for a low but humidity can make it feel much warmer Winter is cold and faces both snow and wind with an average temperature of 23 F for a high and 7 F for a low Both spring and fall are mild allowing birds to return home and flowers to start blooming in the spring and in the fall the foliage of the trees becomes quite vibrant and plentiful November and December are considered the rainy season The landscape of Quebec in the St Lawrence Lowlands includes the St Lawrence Lowlands the St Lawrence River and plentiful forests The St Lawrence Lowlands have fruitful soil that is cultivated for multiple resources and has provided a good location for urbanization The St Lawrence River is a main drainage outflow for the Great Lakes Basin into the Atlantic Ocean Quebec also has lush forests where vibrant colors emerge during fall from a variety of tree species including maple ash beech and oak With such flourishing forests many animal species thrive Due to both location and climate Quebec experiences a variety of natural hazards 

The most frequently turbulent times for the region occur December through April when weather seems to be at its most angry and dangerous causing devastating consequences Dangerous weather in other parts of the country can bring dangerous conditions to Quebec In January of 2017 the Southern United States was experiencing tornadoes which caused a Nor Easter that affected the northern Atlantic regions Strong winds rain and wintry precipitation hit Quebec and they received 10 inches of snow April 2007 also experienced a Nor Easter that lasted 4 days and included flooding power outages and people were forced to evacuate the area The devastating condition caused 18 deaths The cold weather during the winter has caused numerous ice storms and blizzards During spring and summer months Quebec has suffered floods which lead to contaminated drinking water and property damage The summer months can also bring a Derecho a strong wind storm and that may likely include thunderstorms and up to 6000 lightning strikes per hour Living in such a heavily forested area causes many trees to come down causing property damage and even deaths 3 Human Characteristics What are the language families groups religions races and cultures of the region What is the population density and economic development of the region Since 1974 French has been the official language of Quebec and is the main language for 78 of the population English is spoken as the main language for 7 of the population although those from Quebec are generally bilingual speaking both Other languages that are spoken due to immigrants include Italian Spanish and Arabic 

The primary religion practiced in Quebec is Roman Catholicism In 1760 the British government authorized the freedom to practice other religions opening the door for new faiths to enter the region The 1840 s and 1850 s brought Irish Catholic immigrants and both World War I and World War II and after led to immigrants from a multitude of other countries and regions bringing diverse religious practices that has led to Quebec representing all major religions within the region While 90 of the population of Quebec is of French and British descent the first race of people were those of the First Nation race French and eventually British settlers pushed the vast majority of the aboriginal population out of the area People from Eastern European countries Portugal Greece and Haiti also began to settle in Quebec bringing pieces of their own cultures and integrating into their new lives In the 1970 s immigrants began to arrive from Africa and Asian especially from Southeast Asia The population density in the St Lawrence Lowlands has 6 56 million people residing in an area that is roughly 200 miles long by 60 miles wide from Quebec City to Montreal Until recently the economy and job growth of Quebec trailed rest of Canada but has turned itself around Natural resources and energy production are plentiful hydro electric energy is abundant and the overflow is exported to other areas

Agriculture mainly along the St Lawrence River provide many resources such as clay to be made into bricks and tiles and sand and gravel are put towards road metal and construction equipment The manufacturing sector has a good business of making air traffic control equipment Quebec also produces software subway trains and air purifiers to name a few of their products Montreal s economy benefits from their strong business in space and aeronautics telecommunications and energy Since 2000 Montreal has also been leading in information technology telecommunications and biopharmaceuticals With a strong economy Quebec exports 40 of their total product outcome including electricity due to their surplus equipment for telecommunications and transportation and minerals from mining Tourism also keeps Quebec s economy strong due to plentiful outdoor activities and festivals

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