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There are many questions to ask when addressing the problem of climate change What kinds of laws or policies should the government pass that will address climate change Should the government push for more trade policies that will address climate change and if so what kind Should foreign policy play a role in addressing climate change For instance should the United States work with other major polluting countries like China and if so how How should the marketplace address the problem For instance should corporations pursue fuel alternatives like green technology If so how should they be encouraged to do so How should grassroots organizers push for a change in policies Who would be targeted for such a movement The U S government The U N Corporations There are many possible solutions to the problem of global warming Some of the solutions I can think of are governments investing in renewable energy more reliable forms of public transportation greater tax credits for businesses who use renewable energy and create environmentally friendly products investing in new infrastructure and decreasing the amount of deforestation Since our power plants are public resources it is the responsibility of the government to build more power plants using renewable energy Governments should invest in wind and solar power mainly Having more reliable forms of public transportation will cut down on the number of cars on the road a big form of pollution Right now it is not uncommon for people who rely on public transportation to be late or miss work or school because their transportation plans fell through Many employers will ask interviewees if they have reliable transportation 

This puts someone who has a car more likely to get a job than someone who does not Tax credits for businesses who use renewable energy or make environmentally friendly products would be extremely helpful because it would provide an incentive to be more environmentally friendly The tax credit would be an investment in the future Urban planners in cities should consider investing in new infrastructure They can build new environmentally friendly buildings Putting an end to deforestation would also help the problem of climate change Since trees put out oxygen and take away carbon dioxide they off put the negative effects of pollution Solutions Many of the solutions we proposed have been researched and proposed by various organizations Switching to renewable energy investing more in public transportation and giving tax credits to businesses to make positive changes or the environment have all either been proposed to implement We suggest that these programs are continued and expanded In this section each solution will be evaluated based on research Earlier this year Jacobson et al proposed a roadmap for 139 countries to be run by 100 renewable energy by 2050 By 2030 according to the plan these countries will be using 80 renewable energy Jacobson et al specified that by renewable energy they meant wind solar and water energy This will be done by onshore and offshore wind turbines solar panels on rooftops and power plants concentrated solar power geothermal power tidal and wave power and existing hydroelectric dams Their study showed that this will be the most effective way of creating energy without negative output This will also be the safest way to create energy

The study looked at methods such as nuclear energy but found these to be to dangerous and the risk of injury or casualty too great Jacobson et al reports that this change will avoid a 1 5 degree Celsius increase in average global temperature The temperature has been rising since the mid 1800s so it is crucial that we stop this now Additionally the most ambitious goal of the Paris Climate agreement was to avoid the 1 5 to 2 degree Celsius change in average global temperature There are benefits other than reducing global warming as well If implemented this plan will eliminate 4 7 million deaths each year due to air pollution eliminate nearly all emissions add 24 million long term jobs reduce the danger of large power plants and increase access to power This plan is quite feasible as evidenced in the over 45 North American cities and over 100 international businesses as well as some states committed to 100 renewable energy Jacobson et al 2017 There is also precedent for creating tax credits for businesses with environmentally friendly practices According to BOSS Magazine businesses can take a 30 direct tax credit of all their expenditures to make their operation more environmentally friendly

This means that if a business spent 1000 on solar panels 300 would be taken off their income taxes The United States Department of Energy reports that business credits can be given for solar and wind power among other sources in different states Investing in new infrastructure also has the potential to help stop climate change Buildings currently cause 43 of greenhouse gas emissions in the US and about one third in the world When building governments businesses and individuals can have thicker insulation This will help them use less energy to heat and cool their buildings Better infrastructure will also cause less construction in the long run The making of concrete is very bad for the environment In 2005 the United States alone puts out 50 7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide by making cement Biello 2007 Stopping deforestation will aid in the effort against climate change Each year 33 acres million forests are cut down In the tropics deforestation contributed to 1 5 million metric tons of carbon That is 20 of global man made greenhouse emissions This can be solved with improved agriculture practices paper recycling and forest management Biello 2007

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