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Idea of Molecular Gastronomy

Idea Generation Ooho sphere idea was basically generated at London by SKIPPING ROCKS LAB in 2014 on the basis of idea of molecular gastronomy When this idea was launched it created a sensation on the internet This idea was generated to solve the problem of disposable plastic bottles in landfills in U K alone around 16 million bottles are used at a daily basis whereas another 19 million bottles are recycled These plastic bottles are non biodegradable as it uses oil to manufacture The company thought that it can solve the problem of plastic bottles by introducing 200 milliliter bottle but it can be released in 2016 The got the idea of 200 millilitre bottle because of all the bottled water sold roughly 1 3 bottles are either half litre or less Source http www independent co uk This image depicts how much time it takes to decompose a plastic bottle and data showing fish to plastic ratio by 2050 and how much CO2 is emitted per bottle The new packaging is based on the technique of spherification which is also used to make fake caviar and juice balls for boba tea In order to make these balls you need to dip an ice ball into calcium chloride and brown algae extract which is totally edible hygienic and biodegradable This is where a spherical membrane is formed that holds the ice as it melts and then leftover to return to room temperature When people try it for the first time they want to eat it because it s part of the experience says Pierre Paslier cofounder of Skipping Rocks Lab How is it made Ooho spheres are created by dipping ice balls into algae mixture of sodium alginate that forms a membrane around the ice The ice then melts into water and the membrane remains in the same shape The membrane algae mixture makes a watertight seal around the ice ball keeping the water inside the ball The membrane is edible as well as biodegradable

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