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Trust building is an ongoing Process

According to Connell and Ferres 2003 trust building is an ongoing process which will last until the organization exists Trust is not an inherited trait but it is an earned trait In other words a person trusts another one based on his activities in the past Genetics or reputation has nothing to do with the development of trust Amazon is one company which tries to develop trust among all its employees and departments Under the leadership of its founder CEO Jeff Bezos Amazon was able to accept trust building as one of the core business functions of the company The scope of trust is not limited to the employees alone in Amazon Company The company is keen on building trust with all its stakeholders such as customers sellers employees and the communities in which the company operates According to Klidas Antonis Berg and Wilderom 2007 customer oriented culture will help a company to increase its trust with its customers Amazon is one company which considers customer satisfaction as an important thing In order to increase customer satisfaction it is necessary for the company to build the trust between the company and all its customers 

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