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In today's world we are surrounded by wonderful varieties of Technologies

Abstract In today's world we are surrounded by wonderful varieties of technologies We have acquired majorities of these technologies into our everyday lives Increasingly these different technologies are becoming integrated to provide new capabilities and services And most often a computer is the heart of this integration This is the case with Virtual Reality a so called technology which actually is a very sophisticated integration of a number of technologies Virtual Reality is a technology based on computer which assimilates specialized input and output devices by allowing the user to interact with and experience an artificial created environment as if it were in the real world A VR system allows the user to explore and interact with a three dimensional virtual or artificial environment generated by the designer In the virtual world the user can do all things similar to routine as throwing a tennis ball or as excellent as flying through space And these things can be made possible to occur by something as simple as a hand gesture or a nod Virtual Reality is a three dimensional computer generated interactive environment which simulate reality 

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