Essay Example on Reading of Haunts and Hunts Communicating about Death in Ghostly Lore









What is are the primary points covered in these readings This week's reading of Haunts and Hunts Communicating about Death in Ghostly Lore focuses upon continuing human fascination of connecting with ghosts and or the paranormal The authors give several intriguing personal stories and past experiences with the paranormal i e that which cannot be scientifically explained Davis Breede in press It is interesting as well as curious a sizeable number of American s claim to be communicational with the dead and drawn to thanatourism in general Death being taboo only builds ghost hunting and thanatourism into a strong cultural fascination of the past and present Davis Breede in press p 91 From the 19th century to current day the unknown has made a spiritual to paranormal shift Those such as mediums or psychics were once more favorably viewed for their abilities to communicate with those no longer living Whereas now paranormalists those investigating death and the dead are icons of entertainment Davis Breede in press What do you agree with 

The likelihood almost everyone may have had their own personal experience s with spirits ghosts or some unexplainable happenings at one time or another is quite believable Whether unexplainable or ghostly events take place first hand knowing of someone who has had them is even more commonplace Davis Breede in press p 70 Mary Ottaway my English and ever proper great grandmother was known to visit her grandson Vincent in the sunroom of her Florida ranch several times after her passing An uncle as a child would often see blurry little children on the stair landing of their historic farmhouse when playing with siblings We grow up hearing familial stories of encounters with our past loved ones or creepy little happens such as doors closing or indescribable noises when there shouldn't be any These tales are passed down and shared with any of those who will listen when the topic of ghostly conversation arises Personally for the longest time I had no curious ghostly observations to tell of my own until I was an adult The point being whether we possess odd personal encounters with the dead we all are often beyond intrigued to hear them told What do you disagree with Not being scientifically upheld makes the practice of ghost hunting very debatable Keeping an open mind is imperative for new experiences however when being logical the fact most of the equipment used is not scientific is extremely detrimental to investigator credibility 

Where some may have felt or experienced paranormal happenings on these types of excursions there is the obvious knowledge of thanatourism charades one must keep in mind What do you have questions about and what do you not understand Could the transition from spiritualism into paranormal be connected to the social environment our society lives in currently Spiritualism was attributed to the mass loss of lives from wars of our past and now we use the word war so loosely Not to say war is no longer a relevant concern for the modern world however as a society we are so consumed by inconsequential intricacies of life the idea of death has been mollified Perhaps to have the view of present society as detached and unresponsive is cynical yet the paranormal seems to be more of an amusement genre than a coping mechanism for loss What examples have you seen of this Authors mention the idea ghosts are our submersion into the past and create a pseudo history Davis Breede in press p 90 Ghost hunting shows and mockumentary paranormal films are a popular base of interest as can be seen from the numerous aired paranormal reality television specials The most compelling of the paranormal entertainment in my opinion are the shows which tell ghost stories entwined with history These proposed ghosts were once people with unique lives and consequences of death Their stories communicate chunks of livable history transporting us through their experiences into a time we can never visit How can you apply this to your own research and what information can you use in a literature review for your paper

As I am interested in the history of Ireland it would be fascinating to find an Irish ghost story that can be analyzed to support pseudo history Davis Breede in press p 90 A ghost story or haunted Dublin location could represent a lesson for proper Irish behavior Discovering cultural perspectives especially in relation to gender behavior may provide relevant examples of American and Irish contrasting culture norms How can you apply this to relevant theories Accepted or not the paranormal in media art and literature will always catch interest and inquiry Overall regardless of the fictitious foundation of ghost stories and paranormal investigations their construction can be seen as a belief construction for life after death Davis Breede in press Aiding the belief of existence after this world only supports the terror management theory in learning to cope with death and dying

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