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Ready Player One written by Ernest Cline is a sci fi story about a teenager named Wade Watts also known by his avatar as Parzival who hates living in the real world and the only way he can escape it is by using the 3D OASIS gaming console Wade is an 18 year old who dislikes the real world and tries to avoid it as much as possible by spending most of his time being jacked into OASIS After Wade's parents die he ended up living with his with his aunt her boyfriend and a bunch of other people in what they refer to as the stacks The stacks are dozens of trailers stacked one on top of another held together by a network of metal girders and were the primary source of housing for disadvantaged families In 2045 most people that live in Oklahoma City live in stacks because most of the population is poor due to overpopulation unemployment and energy shortages Wade spends most of his time in his secret hideout using OASIS to attend school and to take care of other personal things such as school work and socializing When James Halliday the creator of OASIS dies he leaves a digital video in which he tells the whole world that he has hidden an Easter Egg inside OASIS and states that whoever finds it first will inherit his entire fortune In his video Halliday leaves clear instructions stating that in order to find the egg users must first find the three keys copper jade and crystal and unlock their corresponding gates Five years go by since Halliday s death and Wade aka Parzival finds the first key the Copper Key inside the Tomb of Horrors by reenacting the entire WarGames movie During his quest for the Copper Key Wade meets Art3mis a young blogger with a beautiful pleasing avatar that catches Wade s eye He falls for her almost instantly Wade and Art3mis start to become close and the friendship between

Wade and his best friend Aech starts to drift apart In an effort to focus on winning the game Art3mis also cuts off contact with him In route to the Jade Key Wade finds out that Art3mis has beat him to it and has stolen the number one spot Wade continues on to find the third key by reenacting the movie Blade Runner beating the game Black Tiger and reciting the Rush album All seems to go well until Wade finds out that the Innovative Online Industries IOI also has the key Nolan Sorrento the leader of the IOI wants to take over the whole OASIS by winning the competition At this point Aech Art3mis and Parzival Wade decide that the best plan to defeat the IOI is by working together and have the biggest battle in gaming history with giant robots and a Mechagodzilla It was going to be to the death Everyone except Parzival is virtually killed during the battle The final challenge is when Wade enters the last gate and finds himself in Halliday s office where he meets Anorak Halliday s avatar and is awarded digital immortality and Halliday s billions Theme Study The recurring theme of the book is to never give up

Towards the middle of the book Wade and his partners never lose hope and continuously work together as a team to figure things out and support each other In one section of the book Parzival had no clue how to figure out the riddle and when he was just about ready to give up Aech stepped in by assisting Wade with clues to the game If Parzival had given up at that moment he would not have discovered the Crystal Key and would not have been able to win the contest If it weren't for his strong mind that kept him going the book would have ended many pages ago Wade faced many difficult obstacles and if not for his perseverance he would have not been able to complete them Aech Art3mis and Parzival also demonstrated heart and perseverance Without those traits together they would have not been able to defeat IOI together Opinion In my opinion Ernest Cline's Ready Player One is a phenomenal book He did an amazing job explaining all the details of playing the games beating the bosses and experiencing life inside the game It felt as if I was the one in the battles and went through all the adventures with Wade I believe that all of Cline s characters were fully developed As for the setting I am not too sure if I would consider that to be credible The fact that they lived in stacks seems like a farfetched idea not to mention highly unsafe I don't see a virtual world like OASIS coming to life in present day I think that the closest thing right now is playing virtual video games The book had many twist and turns Every page had action and nothing was left unanswered so I would highly recommend others read it To be quite honest I don't think anything could be improved because everything played out fine Now if you don’t mind mild profanity then I suggest you read the book

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