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The Flawed Perception Of Islam

It was a normal day for me I woke up at 7 00 am Took a shower got dressed then headed to my kitchen to eat breakfast I walked down the steps into my kitchen I saw my mother sister and brother All sitting at our wood dining table It was silent So silent you could hear a pin drop I said loudly in an enthusiastic way good morning To which my brother gave me a blank stare my sister said nothing and my mother gave a dull good morning I didn t think much of it I went grabbed a plate and sat down at the table My mother had made scrambled eggs with cheese toast with strawberry jam and some turkey bacon This was a usual breakfast meal that we ate almost every week I put some food on my plate and was about to eat when I hear my brother ask me Did you see that terrorist attack at that concert in Manchester I replied with No when did this happen He replied It happened yesterday Right as the concert was finishing there were explosions Lots of people died many are hurt I said that s awful He said Well yeah These Muslim people are going crazy now a days My mother looked at him in awe He himself is Muslim so is my mother along with our entire immediate family My mother said Just because some terrorist claims to be Muslim and carries out a terrorist attack It doesn t mean all Muslims are terrorist or going crazy 

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Amartya Sen's Capability Approach CA

Over the last decade Amartya Sen's Capability Approach CA has emerged as the leading alternative to standard economic frameworks for thinking about poverty inequality and human development generally The capability approach CA is a broad normative framework for the evaluation of an individual's well being social arrangements and the design of policies and proposals about social change in the society Robeyns 2005 Sen s 1999 CA is essentially concerned with freedom which in a broad sense refers to the effective opportunities people have to live the kind of lives they have reason to value The core characteristic of the capability approach is its focus on what people are effectively able to do and to be that is on their capabilities This contrasts with philosophical approaches that concentrate on people's happiness or desire fulfilment or on theoretical and practical approaches that concentrate on income expenditures consumption or basic needs fulfilment Some aspects of the capability approach can be traced back to among others

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