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There are many Codes of Ethics and Legal Considerations

There are many Codes of Ethics and Legal Considerations that play an important role in the Human Services field These legal and ethical considerations often factor into how professionals approach handle and resolve complex issues Simple solutions are not always readily available especially when dealing with the release of confidential patient information Thus numerous legal and ethical concerns can arise thereof It is imperative that Human Service workers understand the laws surrounding such circumstances and can ethically apply them in real world situations While there are specific laws governing patient confidentiality and the release of health information The National Organization for Human Services NOHS has also established a set of ethical standards that Human Service Professionals should consider in their decision making NOHS 2015 The standards relating to the release of health information fall under the section regarding Responsibility to Clients and include Standards 3 4 8 and 9 Standards 3 and 4 protect the client's right to privacy and confidentiality inform the clients of the potential limitations of that confidentiality within the law and if necessary explains the professional's obligation to protect the safety of both the client and the public NOHS 2015 

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