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I was given the opportunity to research a career that I might be interested in When looking at all the books on the shelf that I could choose from I chose financial services More specifically I chose accounting I wanted to choose a career where I am assisting people and accounting is exactly that Accountants are capable of helping people with their taxes providing financial advice or detecting fraud using different practices and tools Accounting records and bookkeeping methods have been used from early history to the present Accountants and Auditors 4 After researching into their duties job particulars and educational requirements my interest in accounting has only increased There are many types of accounting general budget cost property environmental systems forensic tax and assurance accounting Depending on the type of accountant they are their duties have the possibility to change from day to day Accountants are predominantly responsible for compiling analyzing and verifying financial records Public accountants work independently and perform a variety of tasks for businesses or individuals 

To do this they can use loss statements balance sheets cost studies or tax reports Government accountants work financial records for government agencies and audit records for private companies They may even be called into court to testify as an expert witness Many accountants can specialize in certain areas These areas can include auditing tax work cost accounting budgeting and control and systems and procedures Accountants and Auditors 4 6 To reduce cost enhance revenues and improve profit an accountant may recommend financial practices to management Accountants and Auditors This seems to help a business to succeed Before seeking a career in accounting the average annual wages need to be contemplated According to my book source with a bachelor's degree an accountant can make an average annual wage of 48 993 and with a master's degree they can make 49 786 Accountants and Auditors 11 It seems that with a master's degree they are not making much more money than a bachelor's degree According to my online source the median annual pay is 68 150 with the lowest ten percent being 42 140 and the highest ten percent being 120 910 Accountants and Auditors Like most careers there are some benefits Accountants get paid vacations sick leave insurance and savings and pension plans Accountants and Auditors 11 The work environment can be repetitive but some days they could be in testifying in a court Accountants work from a desk in a home or in a well lit office on a computer

12 Their job also has the added potential to be stressful because they have to investigate fraud so they might have to be an expert witness and testify in a court trial In addition to this they may travel to get to wherever the court trial may be held 12 Traveling to new places seems like it could be fun To become an accountant it is necessary to have graduated and received a high school diploma In the event that someone did not graduate from high school they are in all likelihood not going to be any type of accountant It is recommended to take as many high school math classes and computer classes that are offered Accountants and Auditors 7 An accountant is expected to have math and computer skills Also recommended are English and communication classes These are suggested so it is easier to speak in court For college a bachelor's degree with a major in accounting or a related field is required to become an accountant A bachelor s is required for the licensing exam 7 To be an official accountant a Certified Public Accounting license is essential Most employers prefer a masters degree in accounting and a Certified Public Accounting license Accountants and Auditors Furthermore an accountant needs to have skills 

These skills include organizational skills math skills communication skills and to be detail oriented Accountants and Auditors These particular skills are helpful for becoming an accountant Most people ask me why would I want to become an accountant First of all I am particularly good at math especially algebra I enjoy having a set routine and would enjoy the same daily routine that a career in accounting would provide Even though this career has the potential to be stressful with court cases and speaking in public I work well under stress Moreover accounting gives me something to organize for example organizing taxes or people s financial statements Lastly I will be helping people and providing guidance for people in need Accountants are responsible for regulating and verifying financial records Accounting can provide a steady income for me each year Along with benefits such as paid vacation sick leave insurance and savings and pension plans Although accounting is not most peoples top career choice it is mine I really like the challenge of math and working with numbers

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