Essay Example on Research about analysis of basic Visual Element in Packaging Design.






Packaging design is a creative business that connects form structure materials, color, imaginary typography and ancillary design elements with product information to make a product suitable for marketing Marianne and Sandra 2006 p 33. Besides packaging design is an effective advertisement for each product that sells to consumers. Moreover advertising agencies work with companies to create a packaging design that involves the creation of a product and how it looks to consumers attract to purchase it. Packaging design provides the consumer with clear and specific information, whether consciously or subconsciously and possible a point of comparison which one appears to be a more effective product a better value, a more convenient package purchase is incited Marianne and Sandra 2006 p 36. Therefore it is an alternative way to promote their product and helps to protect their product. Making frequently difficult decisions on technical criteria is part of the packaging designer’s role Bill 2007 p 5. Nowadays, changing market trends put many responsibilities on who those design of the product packaging and it will label of a company. The first step toward this goal is to understand design principles, how design elements are affected by their relationship to one another and how this impacts the overall visual communication Marianne and Sandra 2006 p 79.

Element is one of those most basic visible things and commonly seen in combination with each other. According to Marianne and Sandra 2006, basic design principles are customized to find the objective of each design of the product in packaging design. On the other hand, a principle can describe a high-quality standard and can be used for different purposes. Throughout the packaging design element and principle are plays of important roles in design the packaging. Basic design principles as they relate to the use of design elements such as line, shape, color, and texture provide guidelines that shape visual communication and the ability to maneuver through the packaging design process Marianne and Sandra 2006 p 79. Besides both of this elements must-have when the process of design a product which includes the color shapes, space, line movement, and others.

Through the company from the Wipro Uniza Singapore Pte Ltd produced the packaging of the Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour as a design of interest to me. Besides I choose this design for my research about analysis basic visual elements in packaging as my reference subject. Other than that I choose this packaging design as my research of the basic visual element because of packaging includes many types of variety such as packaging for perfume bottle, food and electronics. Moreover many of the packaging in this world I prefer to choose packaging for perfume because many of this type packaging looks more exclusive and the designer used different kinds of graphic design to deliver the information and attract the consumer to purchase it. According to the National Bureau of Standards, the human eye can distinguish more than ten million different colors, are dependent on the mixing of different amounts of wavelengths of light. In addition, the color system is based on color in the form of projected or reflected light. Therefore it gives the perception of millions of colors.

Color is one of the most influential aspects of packaging design. Consumers are more likely to identify the color package or product before any visual feature Marianne and Sandra 2006 p 107. In my research and observation mostly the packaging design always plays with the color of the packaging. To design the packaging the designer should consider some element and principle in design the simple easy to understand and looks exclusive for the consumers. Moreover in design the packaging the most important thing is color that chosen to make the packaging, that designer design more attractive. For the perfume packaging that I choose the designer chooses the variations of the soft pink color such as orchid pink color and fuchsia pink color. This is because in fact, the soft pink color represents feminine, romantic, affectionate and intimate thoughtful and caring. More than that the orchid pink color relates to the unconventional and the individual doing with own thing and it not conformist. Besides the Fuchsia pink color is a color that blends with deep pink and blue color. It also represents confidence, assurance and maturity, a more responsible and love. Based on the expert’s psychologist pink color is representing a sign of hope, calm emotional energies.

LINE. Mostly in designing packaging is concerned about a line, because the line is most important of all the elements of design. Besides, it starts from a dot and becomes a line or most of the artist creates with a fine drawing or painting or even sketching ideas for a sculpture. Therefore most of the design will begin with the line. Moreover, line also has a thickness and many types of lines such as vertical line, horizontal line, diagonal line, curved line. Based on this packaging that I have observed, the designer used a vertical line and horizontal line for the buildings in the background of the packaging. It is also separates the Paris font with the Bell Amour font by using the horizontal line. In addition for the girl also the designer used the curved line for her hair to show that gestural line drawing and bring impact for the viewer to see the packaging SHAPE. Sometimes, we always, often to think of branding as something that is visual represented the graphic device or the logo on the packaging. But in my opinion, the shape also plays an important role which is the designer makes the manipulation of the 3-dimensional shapes that create a unique brand that can be recognized without the graphic. The Enchanteur Paris packaging, the designer used the common shape which is rectangle for the box. However, the designer also applied the organic shape for the graphic design to make it look like real, although it using the illustration such as the woman as the subject and the buildings.

FORM. After that the great designer will create the packaging by understanding the importance of primary and secondary design elements that helps to determine their distribution on the packaging design. The size position and relationship of the element are determined by basic layout and the design principles and a hierarchical system is used in the overall strategy of the packaging design Marianne and Sandra 2006 p 85. Therefore, for this packaging the designer plays with the character colour and hue to make it seem like 3 dimensional for the woman that holding the flower and the building behind her as their subjects for graphic design in packaging SPACE. Sometimes images have the ability to convey the information compared to the text. Mostly packaging designer used illustration or photography for their design to describe their design with more effectively. However the spacing for this packaging is simple and not too crowded because of it only have four main graphic in it, packaging design which are the women with flower, the Eiffel tower, the building and the font.

It is a good design which is the details of the design at the side of the packaging and also the description about the product also TEXTURE. In addition a great way to perform effectiveness graphic in design by add a pattern or some texture for your package. Mostly designers always imbuing their design with the texture to giving the consumer to grab them and makes the attraction for the consumer to purchase it. For this packaging, it designed with the bold line to make it appear and look more 3 dimensional when we touch it. Besides the font also designed bold typeface with color that contrast with the background to create a textural design with the bold to show more attention.

 BALANCE. Nowadays most brands are frequently influenced by emotional responses. It is also one of the strategies rather than rational or practical considerations. The smaller physical size of packaging and its multi-purpose role in protecting and identifying the product together with its positioning on shelf make the portrayal of emotion more difficult Bill 2007 p 145. Therefore, the adverts for beauty products and fragrances make the strong emotional for their brand. For the Enchanteur Paris, it is also balanced with the illustration and emotion of the woman, with the flower. The designer focused on the subject character and also at the Eiffel tower which is an icon for Paris. Although the subject was stress by the designer the background and the size of the font is located at the top of the space also important to make the packaging balance oval when printing this packaging. EMPHASIS. Other than that the focus or emphasis is on the woman with flower that using the bold line with color that contrasts with the background. Then the second emphasizes are the bold typeface and the Eiffel tower with the contrast color. The viewer's eyes are directed to the woman with the flower because the designer used the white color to make it contrast with the background.

MOVEMENT. There is limited value if the design not concern about some movement effect to show it more attention. This packaging also expressed visually through the movement of the curve hair of the woman with flowers with her dress and also the silver shapes that seem like the wind. REPETITION. The element of this design also has the repetition of the silver shapes for give the less emphasis in package. Nowadays designers only makes selections for the text headings and others. Moreover, the technology has greatly reshaped more than thousands of digital typefaces available for today and many types of style based on traditional categorization. Although the technology makes the sorting typography with easier but the designer must be careful not to devalue their design expertise In packaging design, typography plays important role to produce high-quality font and the contrast of the typefaces is one of the ways to communicate with consumers. For this packaging, the typeface contrasts with the background and bold typeface. Technologically updated and socially aware packaging designers are also expected to be creative thinkers and expert communicators Bill 2007 p 5. In conclusion, a successful packaging design must consider all aspects and understanding of the consumer the designer need to think forward and have knowledge about the current trends.

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