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Film and Short Story Research Paper Filmmaking and Production What makes films and production different today than how they were back then The way filming and production worked back than was much more different and more complex from how it is today Technology was less expanded on and took a longer time for sounds and colors to appear on screens Cameras was another thing that was very different from today as they did not have many varieties and had it processed in a different manner Making a film back than compared to today ranged around a low expense today films would budget up to 100 million or sometimes higher Films were also much shorter and would sometimes be a minute long compared to today s film that can lead up to three hours Movies back then shows a difference on how different filming and production has changed Films back then has evolved to today s film and production as technology started to get more advanced During the 1900 s movies were black and white until 1915 where the technicolor was invented 

This allowed for colors to be produced but was still not bright colors and only produced two colored subtractives which was a way for red and green light to be captured https the artifice com history of colour film Due to cameras being heavy back then it made it harder for transportation and limited shooting outside this also caused time to be consumed Films became more expensive having it produced in color More films in black and white were still being made instead of colored films Sounds were finally equipped but some filmmakers weren t ready to make another transition as cameras alone were 30 00 to build and having to prints become more expensive as prices started to increase Colors would also be added 30 of an average production in the 1930 s In result black and white were still often used due to the expensive of colored films Todays film and production had an immense change as technology started to advance and more change started to occur Today films and movies uses special effects green screens drones etc to make movies that are high quality Green Screens has been used to create a different background without having to actually be there This makes it easier for directors to film different places that are impossible to go or places that does not exist Special effects are as well an important advanced technology to make movies and films more realistic They re arguably the most used visual effect in storytelling outside of credits or title sequences and they can open up infinite options for your project https www wired com 2015 03 drone filmmaking Drones is a more recent and creative way of filming that would have been impossible to invent back then 

I think filmmaking as a profession shares a lot with drones in that it is both a very technical profession aligned with something that has a lot of expression and artistry and craftsmanship in it so the same learning curve applied to drones This shows how important certain creativity can help produce films in a different and interesting way https www wired com 2015 03 drone filmmaking Different cameras are also used for filming as well as being able to change the lense for a much closer or further way at looking at objects Although films were very much different from back then they still receive the same messages Both tried to take the words off the script page and try to make the films as realistic as they could http www masteringfilm com directing the similarities and differences between film and theatre second paragraph Both created a message to the person who is watching the screen and observing Movies back then and today were given the chance to send entertainment to the viewers as well as a message through the meaning of the film to create an impact or sometimes just a comical laugh Films and productions has been changing from generation to generation It has adapted to more advanced technology that changed how filming were produced Before films were made without having any color and only having it be black and white Filming also didn't have any sounds and used body language and captions to understand what the actors would be saying Now in more recent times production is made much easier Different technologies like the green screen drones special effects etc created a more realistic and moderate films Sounds adapted and color were vibrant as well as having better quality Prices for making films became higher as technology started to become more extended and complex Different cameras made it easier to record and film without having to weigh as much and having a crystal clear lense observation

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