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Resist desegregation by all lawful mean Binder n d The Southern Manifesto was signed and written in March 1956 in the U S Congress It was also known as the Declaration of Constitutional Principles This document was written and established by Strom Thurmond Richard Russell Jr and Lyndon B Johnson The Southern Manifesto was a law made to go against the integration of races in public places This law made sure blacks couldn't use white people facilities Brown vs Board of Education was the case where the Supreme Court decided segregated public schools were unconstitutional and used the document The similarities between the Manifesto and the Board is both of them wanted segregation while Brown and the Supreme Court wanted integration This is because the Board used the Manifesto was a backup to win the argument It's devastating to see an African American family fight for their rights to go to school Racism was a bit aggressive during the 1950's so people thought that Brown wouldn't win at all The Supreme Court did their best to help the Brown family because they knew that the white school was breaking the fourteenth amendment Expecting opposition to its ruling especially in the southern states the Supreme Court did not immediately try to give direction for the implementation of its ruling Rather it asked the attorney generals of all states with laws permitting segregation in their public schools to submit plans for how to proceed with desegregation Administrative Office of the US Courts n d

The judge was thinking of all the people when making the decision This court case affected many people The court case should have took the opinion of an old case called Plessy vs Ferguson The separate but equal rule was good Even though the statement was good and did many changes it also caused many difficulties for the African Americans  The whites would get more respect the whites would have more education than the blacks and everything was just more easier for the whites while blacks had to fight to get their own rights The context of that rule was overruled meaning that the whites took advantage of it Seeing that the court case didn t turn out right it helped blacks The meaning of that is it made people feel that they need to speak up for themselves more and that they should do something to help the people of their race This also caused civil rights movements to occur in the United States Later on after the court case decision African Americans like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther Kings Jr Made a difference in the world for blacks The passing of acts in the 1960 s encouraged many like the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Fair Housing Act of 1968 and the Votings Rights Act of 1965 Continuing on the court was behaving on the reserve rights of the people and state In all states every rule law must be followed and obeyed In this case it was right to make the lawsuit unconstitutional because it was unfair for all African Americans

 It was wrong for blacks students to walk to a school very far during bad weathering knowing that their parents don t have cars It would have been better if the schools for blacks was near the blacks community so it can easier for students to walk to school Also being denied at a white school just for being black is unnecessary and childish because the blacks needs the same education as the whites Assuming it is decided that segregation in public schools violates the Fourteenth Amendment a would a decree necessarily follow providing that within the limits set by normal geographic school districting Negro children should forthwith be admitted to schools of their choice or b may this Court in the exercise of its equity powers permit an effective gradual adjustment to be brought about from existing segregated systems to a system not based on color distinctions Reuters n d 

This shows that a child can t be taken out or denied from going into a color because of their race Making the case constitutional made blacks lives better and easier because now blacks can get the same education and respect The Brown vs Board Of Education case is still alive till this day Although the case of Brown v the Board of Education has not solved all of the racial and segregation problems in this country it was a major step in the right direction Every problem needs to be acknowledged and defined before anyone can attempt to solve it and the acknowledgement by the Supreme Court of segregation does give a precedent with which to attempt to alleviate this problem of inequality in our land of equal opportunities Collins n d Racial segregation is never going to end Years later after the court case few black leaders like Martin Luther King a man who made a speech that talked about equal rights and blacks having to speak up for themselves Discrimination decreased and some races are learning to understand and work with others Though some states were not segregated a few were Some schools are still separated by race and religion in states like Ohio Georgia Louisiana Illinois and New York

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