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Returning to School Although returning to school was the hardest decision for me I had to do what was best for me and my family Hello my name is Marlena Green I am 40 years old the mother of four single mom and enlisted in the United States Army I never thought that I would return back to school As a teenager I was known as the shy quiet one and always stayed to myself Because of this it was hard for me to make friends and I always got picked on because I was so shy It got to the point that I had to leave school In my hometown they have a program that helped kids that had issues with connecting with other kids This program is for kids who are either not able to finish school get kicked out of school or are just continuously having problems in school and allows them to not only get their diploma but also take up a trade and join the service if they want to 

They take youths between the ages of 16 and 18 only So my mom and I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity for me so that I am able to obtain my diploma and do something positive with my life I was to stay in this program for five months and at the time I thought this was a very long time to be away from everything that I enjoyed doing but it was for the best After high school I wanted to start taking college classes I started taking classes in a major I really didn't want to do which was computer programmer I was so excited to go to college I thought being in college was going to be easy It was hard for me to ask my teachers for help because I was shy and felt like I would be too needy and I didn't want the teacher to think that I couldn't do my assignment without help I was used to the teachers explaining assignments thoroughly before you begin them I got so frustrated and stressed out that I stopped going to class After one semester I dropped out because I had gotten pregnant financial reasons lack of support and I wasn t ready for a new change I really wasn't ready for college at that time because I had so much going on at that time When I couldn t attend school anymore I felt a little disappointed in myself and I felt that I was a disappointment to others I let myself and others down In 2004 I joined the

Army and started my career protecting my country After being in the Army at my six year mark I decided that I wanted to make a career of it and eventually go Warrant Officer In order to do this I would have to have some additional schooling under my belt so I decided that it would be best for me to return to school to get the needed education My decision to want a career out of the Army go further by going Warrant Officer was solely based on my family What motivates me to pursue my college degree is my 4 kids I want to be able to provide for them no matter what and be the perfect role model for my children I want them to look up to me and let them know whatever they go through in life never to give up on your dreams Also I want to be that example for my daughter who is currently a Freshman in College I want her to know that if I can do it so can she I don't want her to see me give up The benefits of obtaining my degree are life changing because it will not only help me when it is time for me to put in my packet for Warrant Officer but it will also be beneficial for me and my children and also allow me to make more money to support my family

The purpose for my success is to give my kids a better life and give them the things they need and want I want to be able to retire from the military one day and maybe own my own business so I ll be able to travel the world with my kids Since then I have learned my strength and in weakness in life and deal with them head on I've also learned not to let fear stop me in achieving my goals in life Whenever I'm unsure about something I always ask for help and guidance Know I tell my kids its ok to ask for help when needed and to never be afraid to ask for help because I don't want them to go through the same thing I went through when I was afraid to ask for help Each day I become a stronger person because of the experience I went through and it reminds me every day how I almost let fear destroy my goals

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