Essay Example on Review of one of the most famous story by William Shakespeare Hamlet








In between the time the bears from North came back that the north king stopped the plans of his nephew Following that message the actors came to the city and Hamlet takes advantage of it He decides to write a game He invites the king and the queen to the play He is thinking about dead meaning of life denying his love to Ofelia Later he says the most famous quote of all the time to be or not to be Polonius and the king are listening behind the curtains and decided to send Hamlet to England The day has come when the play was to be played The play tells the story about Hamlets fathers dead As soon as the king saw it he left He is starting to regred his act of killing him He starts to pray Hamlet saw him and wants to kill him but he decides to do it at better change Instead of killing him he goes to the queen Polonius saw him behind the curtains and starts to listen

So this is my review of one of the most famous story written by Wiliam Shakespeare Hamlet I took this from my very own point of view and this is what the story is about As soon as the ghost of Hamlets dad has appeard to guards it dissapears They tell Hamlet about the ghost and he decides to find him While Hamlet is looking for the ghost of his dad king Caludius sends a bearers to the north king with a letter in witch he is writting about his nephiew Fortinbras who wants to retake back lands Hamlets dad gained in wars After this letter was send Hamlet is talking to Claudius abou how he misses his dad Laertes was allowed to leave the country and go to French and befor his leave he is giving some advice to his beloved sister Ofelia He is telling her to watch out for Hamlet Later that night Hamlet finally saw what he was looking for the ghost of his dead father Hamlet was told that Claudius killed his very own brother and Hamlets father just for the throne and the queen Hamlets father wants revenge for his murder and Hamlet gladly agrees Polonius sends Reynald to French to find out how is doing his son Laertes While he is doing that Ofelia comes to him and tells him Hamlet visited her Polonius was offended and wannted to go to Claudius The king and the queen invited Rosencrantza and Guildenstera to distract Hamlet and find out why is he behaving so strange

The queen thinks Hamlet wants to kill her and started screaming From behind the curtains a cream comes out Hamlet swings with his knife to the curtain and kills Polonius The queen tells the king about what happened Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are going to see Hamlet and want to find out where he has hidden the dead body He doesn't tell them anything and goes to the king And neither the king doesn't find out anything so he sends him to England and his plan is to kill him there Ofelia loses her mind and goes crazy because of her father's dead Laertes has come back from French and wants a revenge Horatio Hamlets loyal friend receives a letter from Hamlet that he was captured by pirates and he is going back home This letter finds a way also to the king and Laertes They start to create plans how to kill Hamlet While they are talking the queen interrupts them to tell that Ofelia has drowned herself Hamlet doesn't know that she has died and only finds it out the day of her funeral He tells to Horatio that Rosencrantz and Guildenster are going to be executed in England Ostric cames to them and challenges Hamlet to a fight with Laertes

The king and Laertes made a plan that the sword Laertes will be fighting with will be poisoned And the king will hand to Hamlet poisoned wine Sons of a bitch Hamlet accepts and the fight begins Hamlet is winning and his mother drinks his poisoned wine by accident Laertes stabs Hamlet in the fight and also switches the swords in the fight A while after Hamlet will stab Laertes and Laertes will tell him about kings plans so Hamlet kills the king Literally everyone dies except Horatio who survived this by a miracle probably My short point of view so basically this is The Game of Thrones without the dragons Everyone dies Iam neutral about this there are some awesome thoughts and it is written very well I understand why almost everyone loves it But I like more the new stories this isn't just my cup of tea I like it but it isn't one of my favorites Thanks for your attention

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