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Tourette Syndrome most commonly known as TS

TS Tourette's is an inherited brain disorder that can cause uncontrollable body movements known as tics and uncontrolled vocal noises Men are three to four times more likely to get TS compared to women but all ethnic groups are affected Symptoms for Tourette Syndrome can vary from person to person and can vary in how severe it can be Research into causes of TS is ongoing but there is no known cure Conditions associated with TS include Autism learning disabilities and Asperger's syndrome Tourette syndrome TS causes people to have tics Tics are sudden twitches movements or sounds that people do repeatedly People who have tics cannot stop their body from doing these things Tourette syndrome is a genetic disorder that typically shows up between ages 2 to 15 It is caused by a change in genes that can either be inherited passed from the parents to the child or it can happen while the child is developing in the womb TS can also be caused by other disorders like Autism learning disabilities depression and anxiety Tourette syndrome can vary from person to person the most common tics are blinking your eyes repeatedly shrugging of the shoulder and blurting out unusual sounds or offensive words 

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Psychology Ashcroft Dreams Everybody dreams

Psychology Ashcroft Dreams Everybody dreams Dreaming is a fundamental part of a person's life that have sparked people's interest for centuries The question is how do dreams work What goes on in our heads that causes us to have these sensations How does it happen Many experiments have been put to test and a lot of research has been found on this specific topic Eugene Aserinsky and Nathaniel Kleitman decided to put an decided to put an experiment to the test these partners wanted to examine the effect of being derived from dreaming Or in other words rapid eye movement REM these two researchers were able to take 20 adults to participate in their experiment The participants were asked to fall asleep normally and then during the night the patients were woken up and put through a series of questions This happened 27 times total throughout the night The main idea was to ask the patients if they had remembered their dreams

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