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There are many different factors that contribute to the Murderers Conduct

Abstract There are many different factors that contribute to the murderers conduct for each specific case might be helpful when determining the most appropriate way the criminals should be treated through the criminal justice system There are various reasons why Murderers might decide to kill including but not limited to passion anger and greed Murderers conducts may be influenced by many environmental psychological and biological factors This paper will describe the convicted murderer Rodney Alcala This paper will describe any social environmental psychological and or biological factors that may have contributed to the murderer s behavior and explain how Application Contributing Factors to Murder Rodney Alcala was a serial murderer and rapist Rodney Alcala found fame by winning a TV dating show Saatchi 2014 Rodney Alcala has a history of violence and committing sex crimes Rodney was a convicted rapist and registered sex offender before he even started to commit murders Rodney Alcala committed his first known crime in 1968 Rodney Alcala was spotted luring an eight-year old girl into his apartment and his suspicious manner alerted a bystander to call the police Saatchi 2014 The girl was found raped and beaten Rodney Alcala was nowhere to be found 

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Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius and Earth's Temperature

In 1896 Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius published a new idea that proposed when humans burn fossil fuels this would raise the planet's average temperature as it added carbon dioxide into the Earth's atmosphere This greenhouse effect was only one of many theories about climate change but not the most logical Scientists found reasons to argue that these emissions could not change the climate the main belief being that humanity on such a small scale could never have any affect on something so vast as the climate cycles Ice ages in the past proved that climate could change radically over the entire planet which seemed beyond anything that humanity could provoke In the 1930s scientists discovered that the United States and North Atlantic region had increased in temperature significantly in the previous half century which scientists thought was just a phase of some mild natural cycle Only the amateur G S Callendar insisted that greenhouse warming was happening In the 1950s Callendar s claims prompted a few scientists to look into the subject and the new studies showed that carbon dioxide could indeed build up in the atmosphere and should bring warming In 1960 evidence that the level of the gas was rising year by year was beginning to open people's eyes to the issue Others figured out ways to retrieve past temperatures by studying ancient pollens and fossil shells It appeared that climate change could happen and in the past had happened within as little as a few centuries In the early 1970s the rise of environmentalism fuelled public doubts about the positive effects humans were having on the planet Alongside the greenhouse effect some scientists pointed out that human activity was putting dust and smog particles into the atmosphere where they could block sunlight and cause the planet to decrease in temperature which was supported by an analysis of Northern Hemisphere weather statistics showing a cooling trend that had begun in the 1940s

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