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Germany's speed limit of 178 MPH is contributing to the growing pollution Crisis

HEI conflict Germany's speed limit 178 MPH is contributing to the growing pollution crisis Pollution is a growing crisis in Germany and the speed limit is only making it worse The speed limit isn't the only cause to the pollution but it is one of the main contributors Due to the amount of Carbon Dioxide being produced while going at such a fast speed there is way more Carbon Dioxide in the air than there should be HEI solution The government-proposed solution to this problem is to cut down the speed limit to seventy five mph A few million tons of carbon dioxide will be saved by just cutting down the speed limit Less expensive than other proposed solutions Germany should make an investment on hybrid cars because it doesn't use gas it uses electricity This is an expensive solution but it is worth it for the environment If the hybrid cars and the cut speed limit both go into play in Germany then the pollution rate will go down immensely and there will be a lot of benefits CC Conflict Many people in Germany are expected to be homeless and are homeless 

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Control Chart for Mean of Samples

But due to the sampling cost the sample size n is not sufficiently large Therefore for non normally distributed measurements the traditional way for designing the control chart may reduce the ability that a control chart detects the assignable causes Yourstone and Zimmer 1992 used the Burr distribution to represent various non normal distributions and consequently to statistically design the control limits of an X chart Chou and Cheng 1997 extended the model presented by Yourstone and Zimmer to design the control limits of the ranges control chart under non normality Schilling and Nelson 1976 studied the effect of non normality on the control limits of X charts They concluded that the sample size n should be at least 4 in order to assure P_0to be 0014 or less Padgett et al 1992 examine the effect of non normality on the design schemes when µ and σ are estimated by their usual estimators i e the mean of the sample means µ and the mean sample standard deviation σ They also observed that the in control probability of signaling of both charts highly increase under non normality Schoonhoven et al 2009 studied the design schemes for the X control charts under normality

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Web development has seen significant changes over the past 25

Change is inevitable change is constant Benjamin Disraeli Just like everything else on this earth Web development has seen significant changes over the past 25 years From the very first static websites built using basic Hypertext Markup Language HTML and comprising mostly of raw text and tables to today s more sophisticated CMS and RWD based websites which incorporate both text and images and explore the use of a myriad of multimedia tools and artistic design to simplify and enhance the user experience These advancements in web designs has led to the proliferation of the use of the world wide web one expects this trend to continue with the dawn of the next frontier in web design i e the use of Augmented reality in web development and the endless possibilities this presents for the usability of websites The Nature and History of Augmented Reality Augmented Reality AR is a technology that allows the integration of digital information e g graphics sound video into the real time live view of a user s physical environment As defined in the oxford dictionary the word augment means to make something greater by adding to it to increase As such AR serves to enrich enhance the real world view of the user to create an immersive and interactive experience This is markedly different from Virtual Reality VR which uses headsets or multi projected environments sometimes in combination with physical environments or props to generate realistic images sounds and other sensations that simulate a user s physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment AR technology is commonly seen being used in a wide range of technological tools and can viewed on screens and connected devices the most common being our smartphones tablets heads up displays glasses and lenses

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