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Robert Blecker was only 17 and was sentenced to death He had an airtight alibi what could've gotten him out of his situation but because of someone else being under pressure because of the prosecution this led them to say that they had heard Blecker bragging about the murder That was distorted The case was taken to court and he had days and days of trial and he would have endless nightmares about the day when they would execute him This is an example of someone being arbitrarily sentenced to death Last year about 3 000 people were put on death row This is only a small fraction of the people in the US As years go on the numbers multiply and the number of people on death row increases The death penalty is a rising issue in today's society About 295 people were acquitted from death row after being on the long list alongside thousands of other people Although some people argue that the death penalty acts as a deterrent The death penalty should be illegal because it is racially biased A person whos victim was white is more likely to be sentenced to death rather than someone whos victim were to be a person of color According to David Love a writer and executive director of Witness to Innocence he explains 

The application of the US death penalty is unfair arbitrary and racially biased Whether a defendant receives a death sentence depends on the merits of the case so much as on his or her skin color and the race of the victim and the county in which the murder case was prosecuted The Death Penalty p 92 This quote explains how people who have been prosecuted and sentenced to death are primarily people of a certain county what has been commonly discriminated although the person is usually chosen based on their race ethnicity Americans of color are more likely to be prosecuted rather than a person who isn't African American Love goes on to explain In the past 10 years 23 Alabama death penalty cases have been overturned because prosecutors had illegally struck black people from the juries Alabama has no black appellate judges and only one black prosecutor And nationally 98 of prosecutors are white This illuminates the fact that the race of people in all parts of a case is significant to the sentencing of a person Morally some people would say that proposing the death penalty is wrong The death penalty should not be used because it is a poor use of political power The death penalty has left many innocent people dead 

People debate that no matter how many people experience death because of their crimes it will not change the minds of other criminals Many people have been proven innocent after they have served a significant amount of time on death roll Imprisonment is more valid than capital punishment People have a right to demand a civilized level of law and peace They have a right to expect it and when at times it appears to them that a murder has been particularly egregious it is not surprising that the public anger is great and the demands some psychic satisfaction The Death Penalty p 141 Many people have been proven innocent after they have served a significant amount of time on death row Some defendants do not have a say in any court decisions especially if they are from a certain ethnic background According to Love Experts throughout the nation have come out strongly against the death penalty after hundreds of years of lawyers cumulative experiences and studies revealed that the death penalty is ineffective as a deterrent The Death Penalty p 141 Ultimately the death penalty has been proven ineffective and it is an inhumane and unethical way to discipline a person for their misbehavior Opponents may argue that the death penalty may be an advantage because while having the death penalty the crime rates have deterred Just as the African American population is greater in some states which makes room for there to be more African American death penalty cases 

According to The Death penalty it states RAND found that large race effects with when the decision to seek the death penalty is more likely to occur when the defendants are white and when the victims are white 53 The RAND corporation claims to have found that the majority of people being put on death row are not only people of color This is false because there is not an evidence that credibly proves that the effectiveness of the death penalty is any more than a sentence in prison Amnesty org proves that no matter which way you may choose to propose death to someone it will always be painful inside and out to both the family and the person being killed The 2006 execution of Angel Nieves Diaz by a so called humane lethal injection took 34 minutes and required two doses Other brutal methods of execution used around the world include hanging shooting and beheading The nature of these deaths only continues to perpetuate the cycle of violence and does not alleviate the pain already suffered by the victims family amnesty org Likewise once you kill one for their crime committed the action can not be taken back and all deaths are finalized This is another reason as to why the death penalty is not beneficial Finally the death penalty is a polarizing topic with harsh ramifications for those who commit crimes Nonetheless it explains why it is a controversial topic It leaves many people died annually with the death rates rising Two of the most common methods when experiencing the death penalty is hanging and electrocution which when you think about it is extremely saddening and excruciatingly painful Thus the death penalty should be removed

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