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Germline engineering in human embryos

Aim of the Study The primary purpose of this secondary literary analysis paper is to discover and explore the questions that need to be answered in germline engineering in human embryos the answers to which will enable readers to come up with a conclusion as to whether or not the scientific process should be allowed to continue My primary role will be evidence gathering mainly through literature reviews to encompass the legal questions that need to answered Data will be collected through a legal lens questioning whether or not the current law can be interpreted as vague enough to ensure the legality of the scientific practice or whether it could be argued that the Supreme Court has set precedent by allowing a case similar to this one that has the same or similar advantages and repercussions The aim of the following methods section is to develop a system that results in the proper legal papers being utilised in the study Research Approach This research employed a qualitative approach with some principles of a meta analysis 

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