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MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI

MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI is a highly flexible reproducible and noninvasive imaging modality In contrast to the other medical imaging methods which expose patients to ionizing radiation MRI uses strong non ionizing electromagnetic fields in the radio frequency range offers excellent spatial resolution is not operator dependent and provides 3D data Compared to other imaging techniques i e nuclear medicine techniques it shows low sensitivity and long acquisition time This is a technique allows evaluate the arterial vascular tree coronary arteries the aorta and its major branches carotid arteries and the arteries of the lower limbs Its use in the diagnosis of carotid atherosclerotic process has been validated and allows to obtain detailed information about the structure of the plaque In addition MRI is capable of discriminating between different component of plaque such as lipid core fibrous cap intraplaque haemorrhage and calcification and has the potential to identify vulnerable plaque before an ischemia Generally these elements appear as isointense ie Lipid component on T1 weighted sequences hypointense ie calcium within the plaque on T1 and T2 weighted sequences or hyperintense regions ie the fibrous cap

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