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When you're finished changing you're finished Benjamin Franklin

ABSTRACT When you're finished changing you're finished Benjamin Franklin Netflix Inc is an American provider of on demand internet streaming media and flat rate DVD by mail supplier Netflix s business model is of providing service as a core product Online streaming service and DVD delivery service are the two main product lines for Netflix Netflix Inc 2016 Netflix is choosing to outcompete rivals based on differentiation by offering a wider product selection Netflix is working to make a portfolio of movies and shows which will attract and retain viewers This paper talks about the strategy adopted by Netflix to invest in producing original content and through it its revenue growth will outpace cash burn rate allowing them to leap ahead of its competitors and cross the chasm successfully BACKGROUND Netflix is the world's top internet streaming TV network having a presence in 190 countries This service is provided with a monthly fee and content is aired without commercials The greatest expense for Netflix is securing licensing agreements with TV networks filmmakers and other content owners 

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